[o] Tick.

arachnidsGrip [AG] began trolling tentacleTherapist [TT]

AG: John!!!!!!!!
AG: You're heading into the 8lackout, so I won't 8e a8le to see you until you leave.
AG: 8ut don't worry, I can still sense you are there. 8ecause of awesome powers, remem8er?
AG: Smooth move, ditching your computer like that, 8y the way. That was some incredi8le leadership you showed!
AG: Now I have to contact you through Rose, thus exposing me to the risk of actually having to taaaaaaaalk to her........
AG: Your carelessness has put the Heroes of Light in a very awkward position, John. I hope you're satisfied.
AG: Hahahaha, just kidding. She's o8viously a little too "preoccupied" at the moment to 8e sassing me.
AG: Just 8orrow her computer and talk to me when you get the chance, ok?
AG: I will 8e waiting. ::::)

> [o] Tock.