[o] Slick... I am serious. Please stop.

AG: Still not alive yet? Man.
AG: You 8etter hurry up! She pro8a8ly doesn't have much time left.
AG: Trust me, what she's going through on Derse right now isn't much fun.
AG: Ok, I guess I should mention why I'm trying to contact you now of all times, rather than just skipping ahead.
AG: Remem8er how we talked a8out your 8ackup plan? The one you have devised to defeat Jack, in the off chance I fail?
AG: Well, it's not going to work if Rose is dead, is it?
AG: You have to wake her up! 8reathe some life into her. Do the windy thing, with your lips!!!!!!!!
AG: You know what that means........

> [o] Oh my.