[o] Oh my, oh my, oh my. This will not do at all.

AG: Let's just forget I said that. This isn't really how I wanted this convers8tion to go!
AG: I guess I was assuming you'd 8e talking 8ack 8y now. So now I'm just talking and talking and spinning my wheel device like an idiot.
AG: May8e I don't actually know how I wanted it to go.
AG: I guess I could just shut up and skip ahead on your timeline a little, talk to you when you're alive.
AG: That would make sense.
AG: So
AG: I guess
AG: I will do that.
AG: 8ut then........
AG: May8e if I did, I wouldn't actually say what I wanted to say.
AG: So
AG: I will just say it.

> [o] Pardon me while I adjust the narrow fenestrated wall,