[o] Pardon me while I adjust the narrow fenestrated wall,

AG: To 8e honest, I am nervous a8out this fight.
AG: 8ut I'm still going through with it, for a lot of reasons.
AG: To save my friends, or at least the ones who are still alive. Oh, and I guess to save reality itself from 8eing totally fucked up. There's that too.
AG: 8ut I think what's motiv8ting me to win this fight the most is........
AG: The possi8ility of getting to meet you when it's all over!
AG: May8e I can finally put all this terri8le stuff 8ehind me.
AG: And I won't have to worry a8out 8eing the 8est anymore, or proving what a ruthless killer I can 8e.
AG: May8e I can try out whatever is supposed to 8e normal for a human. Who knows, it might not 8e as 8oring as it sounds!
AG: May8e
AG: If you're not too freaked out 8y all the 8ad things I've done........
AG: Or the fact that I am an alien
AG: We could go on a d8? ::::O

> [o] To redirect the view from this impropriety. Oh goodness.