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TG: this huge fuckin whopper im about to just say
TT: You mean a canard of behemothic embellishment?
TG: what
TT: Or was your resolve finally dismantled by the siren's song of all that flame broiled beef?
TG: no no
TG: ok first do you even have burger kings out in the fucking woods
TG: why do you reference things that obviously arent in the woods like terrible burgers
TT: I'll limit my establishments of reference to lumber mills and sugar shanties from now on.
TT: Also, there's a Burger King less than forty minutes from my house. I won't let this stand in the way of the new policy though.
TG: there is
TG: ok whatever
TG: im talking about a dream i just had
TG: i mean it was a doozy like psychologically speaking
TG: doozy is a slightly dumber word than whopper
TT: Certainly less delicious.
TG: it was absurdly heavy handed my subconscious was really slathering it on
TG: like whatever tangy sludge the king himself squirts on his bargain patties
TG: its possible that i dreamt it ironically i dunno
TG: i figured youd be interested in hearing about it its every bit as thick and juicy as a half pound of sizzling grade A premium ok this is stupid weve got to get burgers out of this conversation
TG: are you busy
TT: Yes.
TG: cool listen to this

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