TG: i remember waking up here
TG: after getting shot
TT: Yes.
TT: What else?
TG: then the cage bunny came
TG: he gave us the bomb
TG: whered he go anyway
TT: She's around.
TG: the bunnys a she
TT: Her name is Liv Tyler.
TG: dumb
TT: Take it up with John.
TT: What else?
TG: we were talking about who should go
TT: Do you remember what we decided?
TG: no
TG: wait
TG: wasnt i going to go
TG: is that what happened did i go and now im dead
TT: Not quite.
TG: whats not quite
TG: that i didnt go or that im not dead
TT: Do you remember anything else?
TG: no
TT: What about why you went to fight Jack?
TG: sure
TG: i did that
TG: because i wanted to
TG: and because i was supposed to
TT: Are you sure?
TG: yeah i saw my future self fighting him so obviously that had to happen or else id be dead anyway
TG: without even getting the satisfaction of standing up to him
TT: So was your decision a result of desire or obligation?
TG: hard to explain
TG: with all the time shit going on
TG: i dont try to understand your light shit do i
TT: I don't know much about the Light Shit, to be honest.
TT: I may have missed my chance to figure it out.
TG: havent we had this conversation already
TT: Mostly.
TT: I'm doing what I can to jog your memory.
TG: its jogging i guess
TG: its manboobs are jiggling a little
TT: Nice.
TT: So what about Jade?
TG: what
TT: You didn't tell her your expedition with her would result in your death, let alone one she'd inadvertently cause.
TT: Or that she'd be stuck with the job of resuscitating you. Did you?
TG: what am i really supposed to say
TG: hey were gonna hunt frogs til you shoot me through the jack
TG: then i die and youve got to make out with me
TG: that kind of changes how the whole thing goes doesnt it
TT: Not if you're "supposed to," right?
TG: what does that even mean
TT: I guess you're right. No reason to make an effort to empathize if doing so comes at the price of oblivion.
TG: wtf
TT: It must be comforting to have your ASPD tacitly supported by predestination.
TG: aspd
TT: Antisocial personality disorder.
TG: oh no
TG: this conversation just got bumrushed by a mudslide of fucking awful
TT: It wasn't already awful, believing you might be dead?
TG: you dont know anything
TG: about what i was feeling or what happened on lofaf
TG: you were all pavement faced and babbling your throefester speak and flipping off the shit with your own crazy deathwish thing why do you think you know what was going through my head
TG: youre just assuming and throwing around psyche buzzwords like aspd complex disorder
TT: So it's a disorder, a complex, and then a disorder again for good measure?
TG: in your case probably
TT: Sounds like a positively delirious state of existence.
TG: its some delirious biznasty alright
TT: Oh... snap?
TG: yes ima authorize a GOD DAMN you may swipe it at the door to check yourself into the burn ward
TT: Might you loosen the purse strings on an "Oh no he didn't?"
TG: nah those are kept in emergency reserve for yo mama jokes from the 90s
TG: anyway
TG: im telling you if i said anything at all about it she probably doesnt even fire her gun once and all im doing is dragging her into a doomed timeline with me
TT: I guess I'm learning to be impressed by your sense of obligation to inevitable misfortune. It's a strange case of inspiration through futility.
TG: none of this is that big a deal
TG: i just mentioned the basics to her
TG: that id stop time traveling soon
TG: break out of the loops
TG: not have to wonder all the time if i was taking a wrong turn and dooming everybody
TG: i was never that cool with this
TT: With what, exactly?
TG: you know how you turned out to be this incredibly shitty seer of light and basically failed at that in every way imaginable
TT: Hey!
TG: well maybe i never wanted to be a knight of time
TG: maybe id rather just be like
TG: the dave of guy
TG: you know just some dude
TT: These really do not sound like the words of someone ready to face his own death.
TT: The kind you don't wake up from, I mean.
TG: i guess not
TG: guess i failed my quest then
TG: so im like
TG: now what bitches
TG: to nobody in particular i guess
TT: The unseen bitches callously conspiring to expect greatness from you?
TG: yes those exact bitches
TT: If that's how you feel,
TT: Then why did you insist on going on the mission to deliver The Tumor?
TT: Black-and-whitened for giant yin-yang bomb.

> [o] ==>