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TG: oh yeah
TG: i remember that now
TG: then i guess thats what happened
TG: i delivered the bomb and now i must be dead
TT: Are you sure?
TG: is that wrong
TT: Maybe you should try to answer the question. Why did you want to go?
TG: because i made the map so i know how to get there better
TT: But it seems simple enough. A set of bearings to follow.
TT: See? The application pilots the moon. Change course when necessary. Anyone can do it, really.
TT: We talked about this. Debated, if you recall.
TG: ok if you remember it all so clearly why are you grilling me on this shit
TG: will you just tell me whats going on
TT: I'm just seeing if you can remember. And if you're sticking to your story, about why you should be the one to go.
TG: well i am
TG: because i should
TG: or should have
TG: man what the fuck is going on
TG: am i dead or are you dead or what
TT: You're almost there, really. Just try to remember a little more.
TT: What happened after we decided you'd go?
TG: uh
TG: oh yeah
TG: we were trying to figure out a way to detach the moon
TG: so i could pilot it out there
TG: fly it into the sun

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