GT: so.
GT: it seems that you are, in fact, an alien. with horns and everything.
GT: huh.
AG: Yes, John. Horns and all. That totally proves I am an alien 8eyond a shadow of a dou8t!
AG: Now what do you make of these 8lank white eyes of mine? What do you think THAT could mean, hmmmmmmmm?
GT: i don't know. aliens usually have big spooky eyes, don't they?
AG: Humans have literally the dum8est extraterrestrial lore. Weren't those supposed to 8e aliens on one of your posters?
GT: haha, you mean mac and me? yeah, even i can admit that movie was indefensible.
AG: Well if you want to know, normally, we have 8right orange eyes, with gray irises. They fill in with our 8lood pigment as we get older.
AG: Also, normally I have this one goofy eye with seven pupils 8ecause I'm kind of a weirdo. 8ut I guess that's gone now that I'm dead.
AG: Not that you 8elieve me, 8ecause you just refuse to remem8er anything.
GT: i can accept that you are an alien, but come on. meeting an alien who is also a GHOST in my front yard is a bit much to believe.
GT: it is almost too awesome.
AG: So you don't remem8er anything a8out the game at all, then? The destruction of your planet? 8ringing your ancestor 8ack to life as a clown woman?
AG: Putting a huge flaming ocean out with your magical wind? Jack Noir? Dying, resurrecting, and possi8ly dying again? Is any of this tickling your sponge?
GT: hmm...
GT: nope. sounds cool though.
AG: Fuck, I cannot 8elieeeeeeeeve how cold it is on this planet. How can any species possi8ly 8e a8le to survive somewhere like this?
GT: yeah, i thought you looked pretty cold out here.
GT: so i brought you this jacket.

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