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GT: this is my green slime ghost pogo ride, in all its glory.
GT: in my childhood, it was hours of fun, and hundreds of painful injuries.
AG: Hey........
AG: This thing isn't slimy at all! What the hell.
GT: nope.
AG: I've noticed humans don't seem to keep any slime around the hive. And yet you are strangely cavalier a8out your open display of certain........ receptacles.
AG: What's the deal with that? Is it that you're just that ashamed of your secretions as a species?
GT: um.
GT: not... really?
GT: humans just don't really have much use for slime, i guess.
GT: honestly, i can't think of a single practical use for slime, other than to be gross!
AG: So 8izarre.
GT: anyway, this thing is kind of a death trap, and i haven't ridden it for years.
GT: i think my dad had it installed as one of his ridiculous ways of making a man out of me.
AG: Sure.
AG: My custodian had her ways of making me tougher too.
GT: yeah.
GT: parents, right? haha.
GT: anyway, that's my back yard. pretty damn boring, sorry.
GT: i would show you inside, but i don't think my dad would take too kindly to bringing an alien inside.
GT: or, just yet. i would need to brace him for it.
AG: That's fine.
AG: What else can you show me?
GT: i could show you around my neighborhood, if you want.
AG: Sounds gr8.

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