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JADESPRITE: whats happening?
DAVESPRITE: reckoning
DAVESPRITE: its getting close to the end
DAVESPRITE: more meteors are getting by the portals
DAVESPRITE: the battlefield will probably be wiped out soon
JADESPRITE: can we do something to stop it?
DAVESPRITE: would there be a point
JADESPRITE: i dont know.....
JADESPRITE: i like it here though
JADESPRITE: i felt like i was drawn to come here when i wasnt sure where to go
DAVESPRITE: yeah me too
JADESPRITE: the meteors
JADESPRITE: and all the fire...
JADESPRITE: it reminds me of when i died
JADESPRITE: and i was trying to wake john up
JADESPRITE: i was scared then too
JADESPRITE: but i didnt let the fear stop me from trying to save him
DAVESPRITE: what would you want to do
DAVESPRITE: if you werent scared
JADESPRITE: i have no idea
JADESPRITE: i guess try to help
JADESPRITE: what is there to do?
DAVESPRITE: i was going to bring this sword to dave
JADESPRITE: does that mean youre going to leave?
DAVESPRITE: i was gonna say
DAVESPRITE: im not in any shape for more adventuring
DAVESPRITE: i figure this is probably my last stop
DAVESPRITE: but maybe this is a way you can help
JADESPRITE: you mean...
JADESPRITE: that i should give him the sword?
DAVESPRITE: if you want
JADESPRITE: but i dont want to leave you here either
DAVESPRITE: maybe you dont have to actually go anywhere
DAVESPRITE: you oughta have a lot of special powers remember
DAVESPRITE: because of ascending to doghood
JADESPRITE: oh yeah!
DAVESPRITE: try doing your spacey thing
DAVESPRITE: i mean not to sound condescending or anything but its got to be like borderline omnipotence pretty much
DAVESPRITE: just put your mind to it
JADESPRITE: alright, i will try.....

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