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DAVESPRITE: it was different
DAVESPRITE: i think it must be always different
DAVESPRITE: depending on the circumstances
DAVESPRITE: i dont know what the choice is when you face him the way youre supposed to
DAVESPRITE: but im showing up as this bleeding bird sprite holding his broken sword
DAVESPRITE: so thats pretty odd situation
JADESPRITE: then what did he make you decide?
DAVESPRITE: he sees i got his sword and its busted and you can tell hes pissed
DAVESPRITE: but like before its like restrained anger
DAVESPRITE: like hes always about to just fucking flip but still keeps it together
DAVESPRITE: so he can tell me
DAVESPRITE: he can repair it
DAVESPRITE: and make the deringer with the forge lit
DAVESPRITE: he says he can repair anything
DAVESPRITE: but only one thing
DAVESPRITE: and i had to choose
DAVESPRITE: so i said ok fix the sword
JADESPRITE: as opposed to what?
DAVESPRITE: doesnt matter really
DAVESPRITE: i just thought making the sword felt like the right thing
DAVESPRITE: so i gave him the sword
DAVESPRITE: but it still wasnt all that simple
DAVESPRITE: he needed lava from the forge to make it
DAVESPRITE: which means echidna had to be awake
DAVESPRITE: our denizens had to have some kind of truce to make it happen
DAVESPRITE: see what i mean about it being complicated
JADESPRITE: yeah ._.
DAVESPRITE: so jade must have done something right
DAVESPRITE: to wake her up and get the forge going
DAVESPRITE: dont know what she did though
JADESPRITE: probably something amazing
JADESPRITE: she is still working so hard to help everyone
JADESPRITE: i guess i used to be that way...
JADESPRITE: but ive completely forgotten how
DAVESPRITE: are you sure

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