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EB: it brought me inside the palace.
EB: it was huge, and it took a long time to explore. it was eerily empty too.
EB: i had that weird feeling of getting to a place in a video game you are not supposed to be yet, because you don't have the right powerups and such.
EB: you know what i mean?
AG: Not really.
AG: I'm used to taking shortcuts whenever I play games.
EB: oh, ok.
EB: so, i started getting crazy nervous the longer i was down here, and i was starting to wonder if my silly iron pogo hammer would even do any damage against the monster.
AG: *Snort.*
EB: what?
AG: Against a denizen? Of course that piece of shit isn't going to do anything.
AG: If I were you, I would have chucked it into the forge.
EB: excuse me, it is called the wrinkle fucker, and it is totally amazing.
AG: It might 8e alright if you com8ined it with something awesome.
AG: Like some cool dice, for instance.
EB: that's so absurd, like anything like that would ever even happen!!!

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