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AG: What's this?
EB: i found it very deep in the palace dungeon. i was wandering for hours, following a horrible sound through the pipes.
EB: i could tell typheus was really close, because it was very loud here. it could only be the sound of him sleeping.
EB: i was so tempted to play it, but i didn't dare risk waking him up!
EB: pretty much by then i was sweating bullets at the thought of confronting him.
AG: You were right to 8e nervous. Denizens are incredi8ly powerful monsters. You had no chance whatsoever at this stage of the game.
AG: You might have stood a chance after I started helping you. 8ut Terezi really screwed you over 8y leading you here so early.
EB: yeah...
EB: i guess if i ever see her, i should thank her too.
AG: Why?
EB: because this was important.
AG: What was? Getting killed 8y a monster?
EB: well, yes. but not just that.
EB: the whole ruse was important!
EB: if i didn't make the decision to go, then dave would not be able to go back in time and fix things.
EB: in fact, if i didn't die here in this palace, we never would have been born in the first place!
AG: How could you know all that?
EB: this way...

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