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AG: This denizen does not look asleep to me.
EB: nooope.
EB: he was wide awake when i found him. i practically crapped my pants!
AG: Well, that explains your quick death. If your denizen was anything like mine, it wouldn't have wasted much time 8efore unleashing a huge shitstorm of devast8ing monster magic.
EB: what was your denizen like?
AG: Her name was Cetus.
AG: She was this awful sea monster. Her lair was deep underground amidst a 8unch of shipwrecks. She was quite vicious and territorial. I knew I had to kill her quickly to release the hoard, 8efore she had the chance to do anything tricky.
EB: what do you mean, tricky?
EB: did she talk to you?
AG: Oh, of course. She was 8a88ling in riddles through most of the fight. I wasn't paying much attention though. I mean, what creature DOESN'T speak in 8oring riddles in this game?
EB: so, is that what you all did?
EB: kill your denizens as fast as possible, without listening to them?
AG: Yeah, pretty much. We were all pretty good players, remem8er?
EB: yes, so i've heard.
AG: Well........
AG: Ok, I can't exactly speak for everyone. There was a lot going on, and I don't know how some people went a8out 8eating their denizens.
AG: For instance, I'm not sure how our hero of 8reath did it. May8e the monster just released the hoard for him out of pity????????
EB: maybe he just talked to his denizen?
AG: If there was a way to avoid a tough 8attle, I'm sure he found it.
AG: It sounds like a good way to cheat yourself out of a lot of sweet xp and loot though.
EB: i dunno. you might be surprised!
AG: John, are you saying you had a nice friendly chat with this hideous, 8loodthirsty creature 8efore he killed you?
EB: yes!
EB: typheus may not be pretty to look at...
EB: but he is not a bad guy at all!

> [o] Oh, wonderful. Another interruption.