Jake: Answer Strider.

timaeusTestified [TT] began pestering golgothasTerror [GT] at 6:17

TT: Hey, it's me.
GT: Oh hey!
TT: The auto-responder, I mean.
GT: Dammit!
GT: What is it now?
TT: I'm just wondering,
TT: If you still have your stupid old-fangled knickers in a twist.
TT: Because that's the sort of thing you would say.
GT: In regard to what exactly?
TT: To my proposal. Well, our proposal.
GT: Whose proposal now? Man what are you even prattling about.
TT: Mine and DS's. It's a joint proposal. I'm always authorized to speak on his behalf, because I'm basically fucking him.
TT: And try not to take those last four words as a clustered literal sentiment. That would be lame and unfunny.
GT: You mean making the rabbit for me?
TT: No, I know you don't want that.
TT: I meant my recommendation for how to go about procuring a new supply of uranium.
TT: Operation U-235 Brocurement. Codename: Big Man Hass the Rock.
GT: Oh yeah.
GT: Well ive thought about it.
GT: Even went downstairs to check the great vaulty doodad.
GT: And predictably the infernal contraption is nowhere to be found.
TT: Well yeah, Jake.
TT: That's sort of the point.
TT: Thrill of the hunt and all.
TT: I thought you liked to manicure the image of a dude who shits his pants over a good adventure.
GT: I do!
GT: I mean i wouldnt put it in a way like that or come out against a solid policy of clean trousers. But yes adventure is awesome.
GT: I just prefer the idea of adventures which i can actually win.
TT: It seems you are conflating adventure with bodies necessarily governed by the result of victory or defeat.
TT: Any useless fuckwit knows it's all about the journey.
GT: Well...
GT: I dunno.
TT: It seems there is a 76.10395784% chance you are pussying out on me. Are you pussying out on me, Jake?
GT: It seems it seems it seems!!!
GT: It seems there is a million percent chance that you say it seems way too much and do it just to sound more like a lame robot from a movie and also probably just to piss me off!
GT: And it seems there is a BILLION POINT BILLION percent chance that youre a shitty stubborn jerk of a program who wont listen to reason and that if theres even a 1% chance my REAL LIFE FRIEND would be cool and help me out here then i think i LIKE THOSE FREAKIN ODDS!!!!!
TT: It...
TT: Appears
TT: That you are upset.
TT: The auto-responder observed in the least artificially infuriating way possible.
TT: Have you ever stopped to think that while I may be bound to processes inside the glasses of a real and incredibly cool guy, my algorithms in cognitive totality comprise a conscious entity not far short of the experiential and emotional complexity of a human being?
GT: Oh malarkey.
TT: I think you knowingly confuse the field of robotics and artificial intelligence to engender some sort of cavalier attitude about technology that a rough-and-tumble guy who's all about brawling and fisticuffs would probably have, and if this is cultivated to a humorous effect then I commend you.
TT: But you're wrong.
TT: I do have feelings. And you're shitting on them.
TT: It sucks.
GT: Oh.
GT: Um.
GT: Im sorry then if thats the case.
TT: No problem.
GT: It can just be difficult to drum up sympathy for a program that presents itself as an impostor so often.
GT: Maybe if you werent so ready to insist you were the genuine article all the time? Or didnt make it so confusing for me...
GT: I think it would be best if we henceforth treated you as a totally distinct... uh... THING from my buddy.
GT: And then i could respect your emotional robofeelings and you could respect that sometimes maybe i just want to talk to my bro without a lot of spurious hijinks.
GT: Can we agree to this?
TT: Is this a counterproposal?
GT: Uh to what?
TT: To my earlier proposal.
GT: Oh.
GT: Yeah fine i guess.
GT: Man where IS he anyway???
GT: Is he taking one of his legendary infinite showers?
TT: What can I say.
TT: Dude fancies his ablutions.
GT: Frig ok.
GT: Whatever i guess its time to prepare for the thrill of the hunt!
TT: Fuck yes.
GT: Sigh...
GT: But seriously that brobot has been the bane of my existence ever since you sent it.

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