TT: I didn't send it. I sent the parts.
TT: Or, correction, DS sent them.
TT: You then assembled it. You were therefore complicit in your own spectacular, daily humiliations.
GT: Yeah whatever.
TT: You wanted somebody to wrestle with. DS was being a kickass bro if you ask me.
GT: I didn't expect it to be nigh impossible to spar with!!!
TT: You know damn well there are adjustable difficulty settings.
TT: I have always recommending setting it to Novice, as has DS.
GT: Yes.
GT: I know.
GT: Ive tried that.
TT: Yeah?
GT: Its just...
GT: Well...
GT: When hes pulling punches...
GT: And taking it all easy and such...
GT: And we start wrestling up a storm and whatnot...
GT: Umm.
TT: What.
GT: Its just that the whole proceeding seems to become...
GT: A bit tender for my liking.
TT: I don't understand.
TT: Isn't that what you want from a Novice setting?
TT: Sparring with minimal discomfort?
GT: No i know.
GT: Its all fine and dandy martially speaking.
GT: Just the way he...
GT: Sort of...
GT: Man its so awkward trying to convey this just never mind.
TT: No, I think I get it.
TT: You're saying you were somehow dissatisfied within the presence of my robotic avatar's personal space.
TT: Was there an odor problem? Was the metal too hot to the touch?
TT: Help me out.
GT: No no.
GT: Really never mind!
TT: This is bullshit, Jake.
TT: We had a pact. You were gonna tiptoe all the fuck around my brittle feelings. Totally mind the shit out of those eggshell riddled motherfuckers.
GT: Oh come on dude.
TT: What does the guy have to do, Jake?
TT: You want to wrestle. He's fucking game. Just a man, a machine, a secluded tropical island. Sounds like you died and went to fucking heaven, if you ask me.
TT: Seriously, what does this simple, loyal brobot have to do to prove his worth to you?
TT: What does he have to do to make you at ease with the alkaline sting of his gentle robogrope? I really want to know.
TT: Maybe he should just rip his heart out of his chest and pound it into green gravel there in the jungle with his hella strong robot arm.
TT: Invoke_Onomatopoeia(Pound * some ridiculously precise value retrieved at astonishing speed from my rad neural net);
TT: Check it out, little green rocks all over the goddamn place. More than you could ever hope to cram in a shoddy metal rabbit, or any other pliable orifice which might be convenient.
TT: Because clearly its up to a soulless droid to feel emotions for the both of us, you callous, corporeal carbon ape, all trotting around with your fancy fuckin' DNA and shit.
GT: ...
GT: But gosh does your prose ever make a fella feel uncomfortable.
TT: Brose.
GT: Oh right. My mistake.
TT: You know what, I've just decided.
TT: If the brobot's Novice setting makes you uneasy, I'm going to disable it remotely.
TT: Done.
TT: Now you got nothing to worry about.
GT: Awww maaaan!
GT: But now hell be impossible!
TT: Happy hunting, Jake.
GT: Fuckin.......
GT: SHUCKS buster. :(
timaeusTestified [TT] ceased pestering golgothasTerror [GT]

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