Jane: Bother Jake.

gutsyGumshoe [GG] began bothering golgothasTerror [GT] at 11:40

GG: J, how goes the bunnyquest?
GT: Ive barely even begun!
GG: Tell me about it.
GT: Youre off to a sluggish start then too i gather?
GG: Dad has the whole house in full fatherly lockdown mode. Talk about blowing a few measly "assassination attempts" way out of proportion!
GG: So I'm currently mulling over my next move.
GG: What is it that has you hamstrung? Did you ever track down the slippery Mr. Strider?
GT: Not exactly.
GT: His stupid doppelglasses have set me on a wild goose chase to go pry his dumb robots chest open and swipe its uranium.
GG: Sounds dangerous!
GT: No shit.
GT: I think id rather deal with the monsters.
GG: Why is it that our two best friends in the world always seem to place themselves at the source of all our problems, while simultaneously presenting their only solutions?
GT: I know right???
GG: I'm debating whether or not to enlist his help in the matter of my current imprisonment. But I'd rather keep it as a plan of last resort.
GT: Dont do it jane its a trap!!!
GG: We'll see.
GG: So I take it you're out and about now?
GT: Hell no. I spent so much time haggling with those confounded shades im only leaving my room just now.
GG: Right. Well, not to keep you too long, since we both still have our missions ahead of us, but I wanted to tell you about that dream I had.
GT: Oh yeah!
GT: I was curious about that. Tell me everything and make it snappy!
GT: *Whips up bucket of freshly popped corn.*
GG: Hoo. :B
GG: Ok, but, I should say that the nature of the dream was a bit worrisome.
GG: And I'm concerned it may have implications for the game we're about to play.
GG: So it's probably best that I tell you about it before you leave.
GT: Well shoot.
GT: Ok then lay it on me jane.

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