GG: I woke up on the planet which we have been told about by our mutual acquaintance.
GG: The one covered in golden cities. Prospit, remember?
GT: Oh. Wouldnt it be prospits moon?
GG: Yes, you're right. It was the moon, actually. I could see the planet on the dark horizon.
GG: I was dressed in a golden dress, like a sort of nightgown, and I could fly. I left my bedroom, which was at the top of a tall tower. Surrounding me were the gold cities, just as described.
GG: Behind the skyline was darkness. But just above was a bright blue sky and puffy white clouds.
GT: That was skaia!
GG: Yes, probably.
GG: Are you sure you haven't woken up there before?
GT: Haha i WISH.
GT: I have received reports from jade about this as well. She liked to talk about her dreams on prospits moon a lot.
GG: I see. The impression I have developed is that this is supposed to be a real place, and all who dream there have shared experiences.
GG: Did Jade ever mention seeing us there?
GT: No but why would she? This was long before we were born! She was dreaming there like a hundred years ago or something.
GG: Hrmm. Anyway...

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