Jake: Answer Lalonde.

tipsyGnostalgic [TG] began pestering golgothasTerror [GT] at 6:53

TG: holy shit jaaaje
TG: lol *k
GT: Heh heh.
GT: Howdy!
GT: What is all this commotion about?
TG: nothin
TG: just your basic run o the mill holy shit
TG: and also
TG: hi
GT: Ah ok then. Hello it is!
TG: also
TG: want 2 know
TG: what do you want for ur wigglin day
GT: Im not really abreast of the raddest jargon that the cool kids toss about these days.
GT: Maybe because i live alone on an island? I dont know but in any case are you referring to my upcoming birthday?
TG: ys
GT: I see. Very thoughtful of you to consider so early!
GT: I dont wager i could advise with much specificity but i can all but assure you i will find any gesture of yours to be totally capital!
TG: eeaauuuuurghh you are so fuckin adorable
GT: Um... *wrings at kerchief with perspiring mitts*
TG: YOINK nabs kerfief an stops RPing for rest of chat
TG: i was only bringing it up so much in advance because
TG: of the end of the world about to happen and all
TG: and then
TG: i wouldnt get the chance
TG: unless we play this game like a bunch ofsuckers obviously
TG: and all meet up in there and everything
TG: which would toytes kick ass
TG: *totes
TG: but
TG: if you want 2 know what i think..........
GT: Yes?
TG: do ya?
GT: I do want to know what you think!
GT: I always want to know. Because you are always smart and sassy.
TG: best dude ^^^
TG: neway
TG: i really dont think we should
GT: Should what now?
TG: play the game
GT: Why not?
TG: the barnoness wants us to
TG: * baroness
TG: i dont know why
TG: everything i know about it says it should be a good game and real important and itll let us all get togehter and do somethin great and be besf friends for maybe eternity?
TG: but she took all that and twisted it somehow
TG: all i know is shes banking on us doing this and if she needs us to do this than its got to be to make somethin fucking hoorible happen
TG: * horbible
TG: * whore bible
TG: ^ bullseye
GT: Well...
GT: Whore bibles notwithstanding i have it on terrific authority that playing this game will be incredibly important!
GT: So perhaps youre right maybe we are part of her evil plan? But does that also necessarily rule out that good will come of it?
TG: i guess not
TG: i just have a bad feelin
TG: maybay im just like this nutty ass bitsh twirling yarn from a shitwizards nappy brown beard but i cant bring myself to trust a cake sellin genocidal alien overlard sea queen
TG: * overl...
TG: n/m that santence chx out
GT: Agreed. :D
TG: so what is the itinerary again
GT: Intinerwhosit?
TG: regarding the game
TG: whosplaying in what order etc
GT: Oh. Is there such an itinerary?
TG: yeah i think so i think its going like
TG: i start with jane and bring her in the session
TG: then ds brings me in and you bring him in and them jane does you and closes the loop
GT: Where are you getting this intel? Did you guys make a plan or something?
TG: nah dont wory about it
TG: do you want me to set u up w the files now
GT: Ooh, these illicit hacked warez which i heartell were recently jimmied piping hot off the interclouds?
TG: ahahah i love that you were barely even joking with that statement bup yeah basically
GT: The silicon pickpocket strikes again!!! Whom is the wiser? Nobody.
TG: ffffffffff <3
TG: k ill send it but
GT: Yeah?
TG: jake
GT: What?
TG: jjjjjaaake
GT: !!!!!?
TG: youre wearin one of ur dumb computers now arent you
GT: Uh...
TG: you are all thinktyping at me right now while wearing something rudiculous
TG: * RUDEdiculous (hi five 2 self)
GT: Hogswallop! Why would you even think that?
GT: Thats so stupid.

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