TG: im not letting either of you run this file on your shitty brainwashy propaganda helmets or anything else u got to wear to run
TG: tis my one condition
GT: Fair enough. When i get back from my errand ill situate myself at the trusty old husktop. Acceptable?
TG: ys
GT: Then you have decided to play in spite of your reservations?
TG: i dunno i guess
GT: Bravo!
TG: dont all bravo @ me man youre just bravoing a big ass shrug
TG: i mean maybe
TG: i have every reason to want to play it
TG: im actually dying to play it ok
TG: i mean
TG: you believe me right
TG: about the bad shit that could hapen
GT: Of course i do.
GT: What sort of friend would i be if not?
TG: ok well
TG: dont say that to jabe
TG: *n
GT: She has her ways. I believe they are not incongruous with those of an intelligent and discerning young woman.
TG: ahh CHRIST waht a geneltman
TG: *fixfix
TG: i mean god daaaaaaaaamn
GT: Heh. I guess.
TG: but thats the thing with you
TG: you belvieve in people and also the things they tell you
TG: jane never believed my crap
TG: never any of my warnings about the baroness
TG: didnt believe any of the stuff about my mom
TG: and so on and so on and soon
TG: til after awhile i just stopped even trying to convince her hard or bring up any crazy shit
TG: because u know doing a lot of songs and dances to convince somebody who thinks youre jush shitting them all the time kind of wears on a friendship
TG: and who even needs that
TG: but you believe in stuff
TG: probbly because the more crazy fake shit you believe in the more open the world gets and the more chance there is for adventures being real right
GT: Right o! If a man believes hard enough in imaginary things then i dare say that makes them slightly less fake!
TG: yeah
TG: exaxly what im talkin about
TG: *exsexily *wonk
TG: *wink
TG: its one of those things jane likes about u so much
GT: It is?
TG: which
TG: errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr im not supposed to talk about 2 u evr so nm
GT: Talk about what?
TG: nope
GT: You mean how um...
GT: Well a way in which i suppose...
TG: no nope
GT: Jane is prone to looking upon me with what i fathom to be more than just friendly affection?
TG: nope nope nope nope nope nope
TG: hey look who didnt say nothin about that why it is this silly fuckin drunk girl over here
GT: Its a tricky issue. And you know i adore jane and please dont think i havent given some thought to...
GT: Well that angle on our relationship i guess.
TG: ooof jake jake no please
TG: this is a conversation that cant happen cause i started it and i blew it by saying stuff so u have to foroget it
TG: * 4get it
GT: Oh. Yeah i can see the dilemma this causes for your friendship with her.
GT: Ill drop it.
TG: whew
TG: ok ont this topic
TG: i am now an forever
TG: miss zupperlips
TG: * zupperlups
TG: * ziperlups
TG: sjkhfskjf
TG: fuck
TG: k this is me 4 futref
TG: ^+++++++^
GT: Haha oh my.
GT: Nothing is escaping that lovely ladys whistlemaker! Its shut tight as a drum!!
TG: mmmmrrmmmnnmmm
GT: Whoa wait i hope that didnt sound dirty...
TG: mrrmmrmmnnnmnmnmnmrnrmrnmmmm!!!!!!
GT: Ok but may i say this?
TG: mrm?
GT: If in the future i would like to bring up certain topics completely unsolicited by one who may be sworn to secrecy on those very matters...
GT: And im in need of i guess neutral and totally non compromising advice from a friend do you think that miss zuipperpips might unseal those scandalous metal choppers for a bit?
GT: Fuck that also sounded kinda dirty!!! God dammit.
TG: rm
TG: unzip yeah of course
TG: im totals your bee eff effsy jake
TG: i am like
TG: AT PEACE with that reality fromerly known as a raw fuckin deal for what avenues it closes betewen u and i that bein your bffsy has got to mean but yeah
GT: Wait what?
TG: i am just chill as fuck about being a pale friend to all varieties of cute and eligible as hell peeps
TG: do you see my shoulder and how it says hey friend plz deposit tears here?
TG: that is a LEGIT invite and is like sincere as fuckin BANANAS
GT: Oh. Im sure it is but i dunno how much crying im going to be doing...
GT: Probably none i think.
TG: no i know im just saying
TG: that
TG: ok im now spinning my wheels like a motherfucker but yeah the answer is yes
GT: Great!
TG: and not that im back pebbling but what about your best bro
TG: dont you get 2 talkin to him about girl troubles ever
GT: Yeaaaah...
GT: Well.
GT: Like i said the whole thing is complicated. Best not to get into it all until im ready to you know...
GT: Really start manhandling these bushel loads of prickly pears.
TG: prinkly pears
GT: The pears being the tricky subjects in question.
GT: Metaphorically.
TG: riiiight
TG: snickrz
TG: poor jake
TG: up to his neck in
TG: all the wopes
TG: * woes
GT: Nah its cool.
TG: speaking of which
TG: i heard hes making u track down his roboself
TG: to kill it or something for uranimum
GT: Sigh...
TG: and
TG: the AR disabled the novice setting???
GT: Yes.
TG: hahahahahahhahahahshshshjsjsj
TG: *hahaha
TG: u r so fucked
GT: Oh most certainly.
GT: I was actually just getting all of my final affairs in order when you messaged me.
GT: I was to bequeath to you all my WAB posters.
TG: wab wut
GT: Weekend at bernies dammit!!!!!!
TG: oh fuck yeay
TG: im always in need of something to put under my cats shit box
GT: :(
TG: ok tell you what
TG: as an early wigglin day thing u know what ill do
GT: I still dont really get the wiggling thing but no what?
TG: ill enable the brobots novice setting again for you
GT: Wow...
GT: Thanks i think???
TG: but that dont count as the whole thing ill think of something better too
TG: 4 now peace o jake & gl on your robroquest heheheh
tipsyGnostalgic [TG] ceased pestering golgothasTerror [GT]

> Jake: Commence robroquest.