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JOHN: oh man, rose and dave have sweet god tier pajamas like us! that's so awesome.
JOHN: haha, dave looks like kind of a doofus with that snug little hood.
JADE: i think he looks cool!!!!!
JADE: the cape is great, hes like a super hero now
JOHN: that's true.
JOHN: i still think i prefer my outfit though.
JOHN: look at all those trolls...
JOHN: there are so many trolls. the idea of meeting them all is kind of overwhelming.
JOHN: i wonder which one is which?
JOHN: i think that must have been karkat there. and that was probably his clown asshole friend he mentioned, too.
JADE: yup
JOHN: and that was definitely terezi, with the fancy glasses.
JOHN: not sure about the others... i wonder if vriska was there?
JADE: ...
JOHN: it's nice to see rose looks better.
JOHN: last time i saw her, she looked really grim.
JOHN: and also, dark.
JOHN: i was trying to talk to her, but she sounded like a babbling monster, so i couldn't understand her.
JOHN: it was really frustrating, and all of my nervous rambling probably made me sound like an idiot.
JOHN: and then when i woke up later, she was dead.
JADE: :(
JOHN: did you know...
JOHN: that i had to kiss her to make her come back to life?
JADE: !!!
JOHN: yes, it's true.
JOHN: it's kind of weird kissing a dead body, but i didn't mind.
JOHN: how did you feel about it when you kissed dave when he died?
JADE: ...........
JADE: how did you know about that!
JOHN: karkat told me.
JADE: oh
JADE: that figures
JOHN: do you think that all of our unbridled corpse smooching means karkat's silly shipping prophecy will come true?
JADE: umm
JOHN: i mean, the guy is really angry, and says fuck like in practically every sentence.
JOHN: but he does weirdly seem to know what he's talking about when it comes to romance.
JADE: yeah
JADE: i dunno
JADE: do you want it to come true?
JOHN: man.
JOHN: i don't know.
JOHN: do you?
JADE: hmmmmmm.....
JOHN: hmm, indeed.
JADE: i think i miss them already
JADE: and weve only been here for a few minutes :(
JOHN: yeah.
JOHN: there's a lot i want to tell them about.
JOHN: and a lot i want to ask them.
JADE: well
JADE: you could ask them now if you want
JOHN: really?

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