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JADE: yes
JADE: in fact
JADE: you can hop right through me and join them
JADE: then you can travel with them to the new session if you like
JOHN: whoa!
JOHN: well, heck, why don't we do that then?
JOHN: it would probably be more fun with them than being on this golden battleship by ourselves.
JADE: it probably would!
JADE: but i cant go with you
JADE: i can serve as a gateway
JADE: but i cant travel to the sun myself, remember?
JOHN: oh yeah.
JOHN: dammit!
JADE: but its ok, really!
JADE: if thats what you wanted to do, i wouldnt mind
JADE: but whatever you do, you have to decide quickly
JADE: they will be departing from the sun very soon
JOHN: but i wouldn't want to leave you here all alone for three years.
JOHN: that would suck!
JADE: i wouldnt really be alone though

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