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JADE: i have the population of five planets to keep me company!
JOHN: that's right.
JOHN: that makes it seem not so boring i guess.
JOHN: but still...
JOHN: i would feel really bad leaving you here, even if you do have a million salamanders and chess guys to keep you company.
JOHN: you are my friend and also my sorta-sister, and we just met for the first time ever a few minutes ago...
JOHN: i'm not going to be like, welp! see ya in three years jade!
JADE: awww :D
JADE: ok then
JADE: personally, i think this trip could be a lot of fun!
JADE: theres no pressure to do anything important or run around like lunatics anymore
JADE: we can just relax
JOHN: yeah.
JOHN: now that you mention it, i'm pretty beat.
JOHN: also... starving!!!
JADE: woof!
JADE: whoops
JOHN: heheh.
JOHN: i sure hope there are things to eat on those planets.
JOHN: there were a lot of weird glowing mushrooms on lowas. i dunno about those.
JOHN: i seem to remember a bunch of farms on the battlefield...
JADE: there should be lots of good stuff on the planets
JADE: also i would bet this ship is stocked with plenty of military rations
JOHN: yeah, probably.
JOHN: pff, hell, we could just raid all of our fridges and alchemize some tasty grub!
JADE: oh yeah!!!
JADE: durrr, problem solved
JOHN: ok, cool.
JOHN: but it would still be nice to say hi to everybody before they leave.
JOHN: just to let them know how we're doing.
JADE: yes
JOHN: like, one of the last things rose saw before she died was me dying...
JOHN: i wonder if she knows i'm ok?
JADE: im pretty sure she knows a ton of things now
JADE: considering she is a fully realized seer of light
JOHN: yeah, probably.
JOHN: then maybe i'll just hop over real fast, and give karkat a fist bump, and give dave a hard time about his hella tight little hood, and then hop back?
JADE: im sure that would be hilarious
JADE: but
JADE: if you go i dont think i can bring you back
JADE: i cant bring anyone or anything to here from there!
JOHN: aw man, really??
JADE: as far as i know...
JADE: if theres a way i havent figured it out yet
JADE: i am still kind of new to this omnipotence thing after all :\
JOHN: that's stupid.
JOHN: what is with all these rules!
JADE: i dont know!
JADE: im sure the rules exist for a good reason though
JADE: maybe to somewhat limit the power and reach of omnipotent beings?
JADE: if there are no limits at all, it could be especially dangerous in the wrong hands
JADE: like what happened with jack!
JOHN: isn't that a contradiction though?
JOHN: if there are limits to your powers, you can't exactly be OMNIpotent, can you?
JOHN: more like...
JOHN: semipotent.
JADE: then i guess thats what we are!
JADE: semipotent demigods
JOHN: demidogs.
JADE: woof woof woof!
JADE: dammit!!!!!!
JOHN: heh...
JOHN: can you not control the woofs?
JADE: i havent gotten the hang of the woofs yet :(
JOHN: so, the dog ears...
JOHN: is that a permanent thing now, or what?
JADE: i think so
JOHN: i like them.
JADE: i do too!
JOHN: you are like a furry now, but not really the weird kind that people on the internet like to have sex with in their imagination.

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