Roxy: Answer.

timaeusTestified [TT] began pestering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]

TT: Roxy.
TT: Awake yet?
TT: Guess not.
TT: Let me know.
TG: whoaa
TG: damn
TG: hey dirk
TG: hada crazy dream
TT: There you are.
TT: But I see your dream self hasn't returned.
TT: You must be tying one the fuck on tight already.
TG: mybe i am
TG: like a bow of ribbone
TG: on a beiuetuifiul ponny
TT: Man, how can you be this much drunker than last time we talked?
TT: What the hell are you even drinking?
TG: ok but 2 b fair
TG: *beiuetuifiul
TG: was an intentional typo 4 ur benefit
TG: cuz i kno you loves tha po's
TT: It's a beiuet.
TG: so you spyin on me in derse ville again??
TT: Yeah.
TG: fuckin perv
TG: like what you see there? ;)
TT: I see precisely jack shit and a side of fuckall.
TT: That's the point.
TT: You got too sauced up and went rogue again. You're out there in your weird drifting stupor, independent of your waking self's awareness.
TG: you gonna go after me again
TG: get on your hornse
TG: galloop me home like prince charming back to swoon kingdong
TG: *OOOMG blushblushbluh
TT: No.
TT: In thinking it over, it's sort of a relief. Simplifies things somewhat.
TT: It's better you stay out there for a while.
TT: There's been a problem.
TG: whatd you do now
TT: Ok, I fucked up.
TT: I kind of made a mess here, and I'm not sure what to do about it yet.
TG: ??>
TT: No need for you to worry about it for now. I'll figure something out.
TT: Until then I'm just going to prepare for our session, while I think it over.
TG: zzzzzz
TG: what a surprise another mysfery for you to keep to yourself an overly cerebralize
TG: snooorre
TG: hey lets talk about something cool instead
TG: like the dream i had
TT: Ok.
TG: first i had some ordinary boring dreams that i dont remember
TG: but then i dreamed that i woke up from the drema
TG: and things got way bright and surreal
TG: and i saw someone
TG: i think it was supposed to be my daughter
TT: Why do you think that?
TG: you know those dreams where u just know someones suppose to be someone
TT: No.
TG: ok well
TG: regulgar people have those im pretty sure all the time
TT: Are you thinking it was prophetic? Like a glimpse of the future?
TG: i dunno
TT: Because that's not really how the abyss works. It's not Skaia, and we aren't Prospit dreamers.
TT: There's nothing like that out in the abyss. If you drift far enough, there is only horror.
TT: Terrible, terrible horror.
TG: ok but im not sayin it was a futuredream!
TG: it was just a glimple and it felt real and all im saying is it was a cool dream that i wish was real
TG: * glimpse
TT: Well, maybe it was.
TT: Maybe there's no fanciful game-supplied mechanism of prognostication involved here, and you're just an ordinary, run of the mill psychic.
TT: I guess that's possible.
TG: hey dick
TG: *dirk
TG: whaaaat do u think
TG: it would be like
TG: if we had kids
TT: What would it be like?
TT: Inconvenient, mostly.
TG: no i mean
TG: what would they be like
TG: th kids
TG: u ever think about it?
TT: Can't really say I have.
TG: you know for an eccantric guy you can be boring as fuck sometimes
TT: Sorry, Rox.
TT: For what it's worth, I'm picturing them now. A boy and a girl.
TT: Two perfect little freaks of nature raised by people who've clearly got no business bringin' up anybody.
TG: shuuuucks buster its just a fun lil hyphothetical to daydream about
TG: why you need to suck the fun out of shit
TG: like some turd hungry dracula
TG: its not like im lobbyin for you to hook me up with a whole mess of fuckin babbies
TG: or thats im holding on to any such delsusion thats even a remote possibility.....
TG: le siiiiiign..////
TT: Le sign?
TG: yes le sign you heard me
TT: Do you mean * le sigh?
TG: hmm nup
TG: ima stickin with le sign
TG: goign down with the shit
TG: *shi[p
TG: the S.S. LE SIGN, starring cap'n rolal
TT: What does le sign actually mean in this context?
TG: oh come on
TT: Come on what?
TT: I mean, yeah, that's what I thought.
TT: It would just be cool if you'd refrain from tossing about such antediluvian terms.
TG: antediulivan waht
TG: me sayin ur gay u mean
TT: Yes.
TG: ok but terminology aside i dont think im off base!
TT: I don't see how it has to be a thing.
TG: i rly think its an actual thing bro
TT: Once upon a time, sure.
TT: But the world has changed a lot.
TT: Ever peek in a history book between your wizardly indulgences? This is a nuanced topic.
TG: man i know about the histories
TG: just
TG: believe me
TG: its a thig
TT: How is it a thing?
TG: its a thing beaucase if it wasnt a thing then u wouldnt be all like...........
TT: All like what?
TG: well wantin nothing to do w me 4 starties
TT: Don't be ridiculous.
TT: I have more to do with you than any dude could possibly bargain for.
TT: And I like it just fine.
TG: what a totatly lame + sweet answer simultaneouslay
TG: <3
TT: Yeah.
TT: Now maybe we should direct our focus on a matter which has nothing at all to do with what does or doesn't qualify as "a thing", or what our fantasy alt-universe offspring would be like, or anything like that.
TT: Such as this game, and whether you're in the best condition to be piloting Jane's connection.
TT: Maybe you could use another nap?
TG: my condidions just fine
TG: and anyway
TG: what aint gonna get slept offis the fact that i still dont think we should be touchin this bs witch game w a 20 foot 3dent
TG: we both know her plans need us to
TT: I know that. But I thought we settled this.
TG: its still so frustrating
TG: tellin jane about the dangers
TG: and even if shes being polite i just know she thinks im fulla crap
TT: We settled this too. She'll believe everything eventually.
TT: Why bother working so hard to convince her?
TG: well i dont even do that for the most part
TG: but it gets tiring and saddening
TG: knowing that
TG: even when were not activly talkin bout it
TG: that my best friend cant bring herself to believe some really basic things about my life
TG: like the shitty things the baroness has done to us
TG: or about our upbringin
TG: like
TG: do u know how misrable it is for your bff to doubt you
TG: when you tell her your mom is dead
TT: I guess.
TT: It just registers for me as a reaction which isn't completely unreasonable from her perspective.
TT: She is inundated with media coverage of those whom we've claimed as our parental figures.
TT: That they are not presently alive nor ever played that role for us as she understands it is just an extension of a much more elaborate and far reaching explanation, which is much harder for anyone to digest in its entirety.
TT: Well, anyone who isn't Jake, I mean.
TT: Still say you should cut her some slack.
TG: i know
TT: And need I remind you,
TT: That the potential this game provides for their resurrection is what motivated you to investigate it in the first place?

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