TG: no i remember
TG: i told u a million tines shit sounds like it could be the best thing EVAAAAAR
TG: * wherein evars capsed as heck
TG: but also that no matter how awesome it might be
TG: its probly gonna advance all the schemes of "her condescension"
TT: Right.
TT: But if we can stop her?
TG: part of me doesnt even want to give her the satsfaction
TG: of startin up at all
TG: like if we didnt wuolndt that wreck her shit just so hiliariously???
TG: so many olols
TT: I must be hard of counting, because I'm barely racking up a single goddamn o-laugh-out-loud at that self-defeating gesture.
TG: no but it would
TG: and for all we know starting it up is playing right in her claws....
TG: could be a trap waintin for jane the moment she enters
TG: if i stop her from playing
TG: maybe i could at leat give her a CHANCE at a future
TT: But there is no future on Earth for them.
TT: Or for us, for that matter.
TG: dunno that for a fact
TG: but anywaaaayyyy
TG: i kinda already
TG: made this bogus file for her
TT: What? Why?
TG: 2 scare the shit out of her
TG: make her learn to fear an respect the fuckin hag like she should
TG: then maybe we can drop this whole in game meetup slash reserection idea all 2 geth
TG: sweet tho it may bey
TT: Rox.
TT: I hope you're not thinking about sending her one of your batshit ~ATH scripts.
TG: on thas sobject
TG: i am miss zuipperpips
TT: Miss Zuipperpips?
TT: The amount of sense you haven't been making is un-fucking-real.
TT: Just go take a nap. And don't even think about sending her that file.
TT: Are you listening?
TG: hnnn
TG: i will take what u say
TG: underd serisous advicement...,
TG: *WONK* ~_?
TT: Jesus.
TG: dirk
TG: when did you stop bein any fun
TT: What?
TG: it use to be youd get a kick out off a slunt like that
TG: *stunt
TT: Man, you know I'm down with insane stunts.
TT: Insane stunts are practically all I'm all about.
TT: As long as I actually AGREE with the purpose they're intended to serve.
TT: Destroying Jane's computer and dissuading her from playing is not such a purpose.
TG: betcha ur responder would agree w me
TG: why cant your be more like him
TT: I am more like him.
TG: i mean MOAAAR like him
TT: You just mispelled "more", causing me to suddenly understand jack everything.
TG: hes more in touch with his feelins
TG: which just makes me L my FA off since hes a bobot
TG: *robob
TG: **bobob
TG: and he can actually loosen up sometimes
TG: kinda like u used to could
TT: I used to could?
TG: for 1 thing
TG: he doesnt insta shootdown a bip of frisky rp shenans now n then ;)
TT: Yeah...
TT: I kind of wish you wouldn't do that with him.
TG: why the f not
TT: It just seems a little tawdry and disrespectful.
TT: And vaguely exploitative of a still-emergent cognitive entity, whose perceptional frame of reference is difficult for us to comprehend.
TG: oh come on
TG: hes cool a guy just liek you its just he lives in some shades
TT: It rubs me the wrong way, is all.
TG: ohhhh
TG: do uuuuuu...
TG: WANT me 2 rub you the right way ;D
TT: Not really.
TG: zzz muh
TG: youre over blowin this
TG: its just an ironic funny thing we do some times
TG: come on im sure you read the transcripts urself
TG: its all alot of jokestery buiishit
TT: He blocks me from being able to read transcripts sometimes.
TG: oh
TG: wow he does?
TG: sneaky bastart
TT: And anyway, I'm really not sure how ironic it is.
TG: ok next time i will run it by the MASTAR first
TG: with his fancy fuckin ironimeter
TT: Ok, here's the thing with the AR, since you still don't seem to get it.
TT: He's very similar to me in thought process and behavior, yes.
TT: But those patterns were imported from a thirteen year old version of my psyche, and then sealed into the program as starting parameters.
TT: In the years since, we've both evolved somewhat. I, as humans tend to, and he, in whatever way is natural for a frequently running, self-aware application.
TT: So if there are differences between us, they're first reflected by what I feel is a maturity gap, and then further by several years of minor behavioral divergences.
TG: omg...
TG: hes 13yo dirk
TG: why did than not occur to me that is so cute
TG: and makes me feel kinda skeevy 4 sayin anything lascivious @ him
TG: dammit you ruin everything!
TT: You're welcome.
TT: Yo, you guys realize I can hear you, right?
TG: pfffffhahaha
TT: Yes, I was aware.
TT: Check out all these complicated fucking problems people have when they have to live in big lumbering fleshmonsters instead of a sweet pair of shades.
TT: Dude, do you think you could sit this one out for a while? This conversation practically doesn't even concern you at this point.
TT: It seems there is some gnarly crooked number that represents the percentage of probability you just said this doesn't concern me.
TT: Even though it's patently obvious that half the conversation, like, way totally concerns me.
TT: Shit, Roxy look. He's doing the thing where he ironically pretends to fail the Turing test to sass me into submission.
TT: Even though I was the one who fucking programmed him to do that.
TG: ell
TG: emm
TG: eff
TG: ayy
TG: OFF~~!~
TG: like my butt is juts there on the floor
TG: is how hard i elled it off just now
TT: (Not peekin' at the floor butt cause I'm only 13 years old, motherfuckers.)
TT: This is fuckin' dumb.
TT: I'm going to leave both of you to interact however you want. I have important shit to deal with and actual responsibilities to take seriously.
TT: Roxy, go nap off your drink, or aggressively wage another flirtlarping campaign, whatever, I don't care.
TT: Just don't send that file to Jane, ok?
timaeusTestified [TT] ceased pestering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]

> Roxy: Flirtlarp.