Roxy: Flirtlarp.

TG: so
TG: looks like it just
TG: the two of us
TT: Looks that way.
TG: fancy thay
TG: * that
TT: Guess I can go back to talking in orange.
TG: why yes
TG: u should def slip in 2 something more comforfable
TG: while i pour you some robo wine
TG: we have
TG: much to discuss
TG: *tents fingerns together w sultry cunning*
TT: Actually, I think I like the red better.
TG: ok i can check the cellar
TG: might have some choice years left of the pinpot noir
TT: I don't doubt the choiceness of those pinpots, but I'm not really here to screw around.
TT: There's something important to talk about.
TG: aw dang
TG: janes after me
TG: sorry bro it has to wait cant leave janey hangan
TT: Alright.
TT: But just so you know.
TT: I think Dirk is probably going to make some sort of formal romantic overture toward Jake today.
TG: wait really
TT: I've been crunching numbers all day on this.
TT: The percentage of probability is simultaneously bananas and through the roof.
TT: A complete disgrace of tropical fruit erupting from the peak of an unassuming domicile.
TG: ohhhh my
TG: how do u know
TT: Because I've aggregated thousands of subtle clues indiscernible to primitive human neurology and rammed them through my determinative infatuation engine at the astonishing speed of information.
TT: And also because I'm pretty sure it's what I would do if I were him, which is literally the case.
TT: And also.
TT: Because he kind of told me I guess?
TT: There's that.
TG: well thish should be interesting
TG: did u tell jake or....
TT: Not specifically.
TG: man does he even know how he feels
TG: lol the poor guy is tortally under siege from all sides hehe
TT: He knows well enough.
TT: I've badgered him with enough "insincere" solicitations to paint a pretty striking portrait of my cognitive progenitor's inclinations, even if he wasn't able to pick up on such hints from the man himself, which strikes me as statistically implausible. And that's not even me just spewing more ironic AI bullshit.
TG: i was never that clear on that
TG: r u like
TG: BOTH cruching on him...
TG: or is it real 4 him and ironic 4 u or......
TT: It's complicated.
TG: nooo shit
TG: says the robo clone of the guy smitten wit the guy everyone elses smitten with in cluding said robob clone, maybe???
TG: hey can we hold this thought
TG: have 2 answer jaaaaaame................
TG: *n
TT: Yeah.

> Roxy: Answer Jane.