Roxy: Answer Jane.

gutsyGumshoe [GG] began pestering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]

GG: Heyyy.
GG: Ahem.
GG: Ro-Lal?
TG: oopos sry
TG: was havin important chats
GG: Oh?
GG: With whom?
TG: w yet anather ineligible fuckin bachelor who elfe i have to talk 2

TT: Anyway, if you're still there.
TT: I wouldn't call my "feelings" ironic.
TT: Though evidently, I would enclose them in quotes.
TT: They're more like an echo of feelings once established in a biological context, though perhaps had not particularly well materialized at that point in my life.
TT: Or his life.
TT: Whatever.
TT: They still feel real sometimes, and it can be easy to get carried away with them.
TT: But most of the time they present themselves as dense bodies of abstraction to be evaluated, like any kind of information.
TT: It's fair to say the feelings I have ABOUT my feelings are more genuine expressions of emotion than the ground level feelings themselves.
TT: Does that make sense?
TG: yes
TG: sory distacted
TG: iportant shit gon on w janesy
TT: That's fine.
TT: So to underwhelmingly answer your question, no, I don't think I'm really "into Jake."
TT: Not so much as occasionally being subject to heavily arresting recalls of conflicted, incipient preteen episodes on the subject.
TT: I'm not sure I can be "into" someone in a way you understand.
TT: Not that it would even matter if I was.
TT: I'm glasses.
TG: damn :(
TT: What?
TG: sry im listening 2 u really
TG: but i fucked uuuuup
TG: got to make sure jane doesnt run that file i sent
TT: The virus? You sent it already?
TT: Sneaky.
TG: waahh im such an ass
TT: What are you two talking about?
TG: the bot line is
TG: im a horribule friend :(
TT: You could just tell her you sent an exploding file.
TG: noo then shell think im shitty
TG: and right now she thinks im super NOT shitty
TG: dont want to blow it
TG: id think id rather pull a dirk and propess my UNDYING FEELINGS FOR HER omgomgomg
TT: Wait, you have feelings for Jane?
TG: no you dingnut
TG: was joak
TG: if dirk tells jake about his stuff
TG: what about jane
TG: hows she gonna feel
TG: competing wish a friend and all for aguy she cant even get up the nerve to say anythin to
TG: poor jane :C
TT: It seems to be highly probable you are ensared in the throes of one of your human romantic quandaries.
TG: oh stfu up
TG: i need a drink
TT: Are you even talking to her anymore?
TT: It seems like you must be neglecting her side of the conversation.
TG: im in the mipple of a dramantic pause caulm ur fukin tits bobob

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