GG: Sigh.

TT: Anyway, I won't distract you for much longer.
TT: I just felt the need to tip you off to this eight hundred ton gorilla dragging its knuckles across the horizon.
TG: will this gorilla
TG: eat thos bonanas
TG: flying out of the roof u said
TT: No airborne fruit will be safe.
TT: I guess this is to be presented as something like a word of caution.
TT: If it's me going through with this, hypothetically,
TT: I'm not dropping some limp wristed shucks buster on his ass, and praying to the horse gods of irony for reciprocation.
TT: There will be no rocking back and forth on pigeon-toed feet, while my face flushes with the blood of a thousand timid bishies.
TT: I will not hold one tentative hand behind my head like a flustered asshole from an Asian cartoon, nor will an oversized bead of sweat overlap ludicrously with my visage.
TT: If it's me, I'm going all out.
TT: Oceans will rise. Cities will fall. Volcanoes will erupt.
TG: uuh
TT: What I'm saying is, it's going to be a scene, and bystanders need to brace themselves.
TG: ok
TG: about when is the big scene happenin
TT: Probably after the game begins.
TT: I expect he'll hold off on playing his hand until he and Jake are in the session.
TT: He's taken certain measures.
TT: For some reason, I think he's latched on to this notion that functioning as the client for a player is customarily a one way pass to makeout city with that player.
TT: Everything with him, and me, is a matter of assiduous tactical forethought. Makin' a play to get his jones on for the J-man is no different.
TG: not sure what any of this quiet means but it sounds spactacular
TG: i cant wait
TG: tho im still kinda torn
TG: about how 2 feel about his chances vs janes chances
TG: what do i say to jane about this???
TG: its hard being as totey sweet a friend as me
TG: its hard and no 1 understanks
TG: *lul
TT: Sorry to hear that.
TT: As ever, I remain an automatonous and dispassionate witness of the oddity that is human interaction, while maintaining no investment in either outcome.
TG: yeah bs
TG: anyway looks like i have to go
TG: i have to proves some shit to jane
TT: Prove what?
TG: oh u know
TG: just subjectin shit to the old madrigogs
TT: It seems you just said madrigogs.
TT: What are madrigogs.
TG: l7r bro
tipsyGnostalgic [TG] ceased pestering timaeusTestified [TT]

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