Roxy: Answer.

uranianUmbra [UU] began cheering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]

UU: there yoU are!
UU: tricky one to track down, yoU are. :u
TG: oh yeh>
TG: dunno why i been right here goofin around for hours
UU: oh no doUbt!
UU: methinks it has less to do with yoUr actUal whereaboUts as it does with yoUr virtUes as a hero of void.
TG: ok but you never say what stuff like that means when you say it tho
TG: is this more casual spoilerz shit
UU: caUsal! and yes, somewhat. however...
UU: with these spoilers, by their natUre, the more time that passes for yoU the less relevant it becomes to gUard their secrecy.
UU: as yoU approach yoUr entry, details i have obscUred will become more plainly evident.
UU: so i see no harm in loosening my tongUe on certain matters the closer yoU get to the appointed hoUr! ^u^
TG: so ur saying i have like
TG: these magical void powers
UU: yes.
TG: sounds like kinda shitty and boring powers to me
TG: what can they even do besise make me invisible to an anien sometimes
TG: *alien
UU: the void aspect is fascinating, thoUgh.
UU: its heroes preside over the essence of lack, or nothingness. the obfUscation of knowledge, or its oUtright destrUction.
UU: well, *i* think it is wonderfUl. u_u
UU: and anyway, one can hardly draw many conclUsions aboUt a player by aspect alone.
UU: the aspect is channeled more specifically by the assets of ones class.
TG: so when u cant see me
TG: when im doin my voidey thing or w/e
TG: what do you see is it just a black screen
UU: pretty mUch! :U
TG: hmmmmm,..
UU: hmmmmm?
TG: its just that footage of my mom does that too
TG: like blacks out and stuff
TG: mom was a notoirious scourge to the papayazzi
TG: or i mean
TG: the womom who im supposed to be genetically descended from
TG: *womam
TG: know what i mean?
UU: i Understand what yoU're getting at, yes.
UU: it is certainly possible that we may have common groUnd with oUr ancestors when it comes to oUr aspects, and the way oUr abilities reveal themselves to Us. i coUld not rUle this oUt.
UU: bUt there is always more to examine.
UU: for instance, a hero of life and a hero of doom have aspects as different as can be.
UU: bUt if their classes are different enoUgh as well, that is, one active and the other passive, remarkably there is a chance they coUld end Up with very similar abilities!
UU: player abilities may also manifest in ways in defiance with their aspects if they are heavily resistant to their trUe calling. or, if corrUpted in some way by an oUtside inflUence.
UU: bUt it is rather clear to me yoU are one who embraces her aspect qUite heartily, even if yoU are not aware of it. ^u^
TG: so....
TG: deep down i am super psyched about nothigness
TG: yeah souns about right
TG: oh damn hey
TG: i almost forgot i had a really short but cool dream i fugured you might like this
UU: oh yes, everyone is having important dreams as we near oUr mUtUal entries. this is lovely!
UU: please tell.
TG: i saw someone i think was supposed to be my daughter
TG: do you know if thats true
UU: can yoU describe her?
TG: well she looked kinda like me
TG: but in this orange getunp
TG: *up
TG: w a yellow sun on it
UU: she soUnds to me like the well known figUre of legend.
UU: or at least, well known to those who make the stUdy of sUch matters into their all consUming pastime. ~_u
UU: i believe yoU saw the seer of light.
TG: so ok
TG: lets say she is def that
TG: than does that means shes not my daughter or...
TG: spoipers??
TG: ***
TG: xactly how much spoipage we talkin uu
UU: it woUld normally be my instinct to sUpply a vagUe response here...
UU: bUt i think that yoUr heart has already told yoU the answer, and as sUch my secrecy woUld be pUrposeless.
UU: so, yes, that she was!
TG: aw ys i knew it
TG: so then space lady can u tell me
TG: who this luckay fella is
UU: fella?
UU: what do yoU mean?
TG: come on u know
TG: who i get futurebusy w/2 make the lightseer babis
UU: oh...
UU: yes!
UU: pardon my slUggishness on the Uptake. we are very different species, reprodUctively and familially, remember?
TG: smh
TG: *signs deeply muttering LALIENS to self*
UU: that i think is something i cannot say, or that is, shoUld not say.
TG: aw come on ur already telling me stuff
UU: oh, please don't press me for information! it makes me feel terribly gUilty.
UU: yoU've no idea how mUch i woUld fancy revealing everything, and exchange oUr stories endlessly. bUt i mUst show restraint.
TG: plzzzz<333
TG: what if i guess stuff
TG: is it
TG: strider
TG: does he like get ungay for a while or ssuch
TG: u probably dont even know what that means on account fof being extra textrestrial
TG: can aliens b gay too is that a thing
TG: being space gay
UU: Ummm.
UU: u_u;
TG: o man
TG: embarrased alien is ambarrassed
TG: heh sorry
UU: i am not embarrassed, i jUst don't know what yoU're talking aboUt!
TG: oh
TG: but sersly is it him?
UU: Um...
UU: maybe?
TG: or is it like
TG: some ectobio shit instead
TG: and a dude aint really invovled
UU: Um...
UU: maybe! :u
TG: maaan wouldnt that just figure
TG: that would suck! whyd you have 2 go and confirm my bleak dudeless future
UU: i confirmed no sUch thing, roxy!
UU: yoU are being frightfUlly difficUlt! yoU jUst keep pUshing and pUshing and i can maintain my composUre for only so long!
TG: k im sorry
UU: if yoU are really cUrioUs aboUt the events sUrroUnding yoUr daUghter's origin, yoU can always ask her in person when yoU meet her.
TG: so you mean
TG: im going to meet her in the game
UU: oh...
UU: well, yes.
UU: bUt i'm not sUre if i shoUld have revealed that jUst now! yoU see what happens when yoU pUsh me!!!
UU: there is so mUch for me to keep track of, and it gets very difficUlt to remember what information to reveal at what time when yoU are flUstered.
TG: ok so without pushin and flustratin you
TG: lemme just see if i have all my facts right
TG: i will meet my cool as hell daughter from the future in this game
UU: yes, basically.
TG: and i will also meet my mother in this game
UU: yes.
TG: and the game will let me resurrect her from the dead and thats what im gonna do
UU: the game provides a mechanism for the revival of the deceased, yes. it is called a kernelsprite, and yoU are free to gather remains of any dead party yoU choose, to revive that individUal in the form of a sprite. the sprite will then serve as a helpfUl spirit gUide on yoUr joUrney!
TG: yeah but you cleverly dodged the q
TG: thats how u say it works but WILL i do that
UU: i believe i was very forthright in my answer!
UU: if yoU play the game, yoU will meet yoUr daUghter.
UU: if yoU play the game, yoU will meet yoUr mother too!
UU: simple as can be. ^u^
TG: *narrows eyes with drunken suspicion*
TG: -_-
UU: -u-
TG: -___-
UU: ...
TG: -______~
UU: u~u
TG: so yeah to continue my confirmation spree
TG: you are maybe kinda hinting there are ecto shenannies that lead to the birth of my daughter
TG: just like i descended from my mom through some sort of simimar bio process
UU: those are...
UU: definitely some things which yoU believe coUld be trUe or not trUe! :u
TG: lol u are such a shitty liar
UU: i am not any kind of liar!
TG: come on whats answer
TG: y/n
TG: or shuold i say
TG: y/n/u
UU: U!
UU: i choose U!!! :U!!!!!
TG: ahaha u luv u's
UU: i do love U's!
TG: ur silly
TG: silly & cute & bad @ lyin
UU: bUt i really don't lie!
UU: i am not deceitfUl by natUre bUt in order to protect the integrity of certain oUtcomes while still being helpfUl to yoU, i gUess i am learning the art of deception throUgh honesty?
UU: which as it tUrns oUt, as well intended as it may be, still comes across to a savvy lass like yoUrself as jUst another kind of eqUivocation.
UU: thoUgh i gUess i shoUldn't be so startled that a rogUe of void coUld bewilder me so.
UU: void players are said in texts to have a way with flUmmoxing even those with plans beyond mortal Understanding.
UU: and i'm far from anyone like that. jUst a girl who wants to help!

> ==>