TG: ok well since youre so nice
TG: ill promoise not to use my wicked void powers re: basic common sense + skills of deduction to bust you up so bad
UU: i'd be ever so gratefUl. :u
TG: then w.o givin you the whole 3rd degree
TG: what is safe to tell me?
TG: like what does it mean to be a rogue of void
TG: thats what i am rite
UU: yes! i can tell yoU plenty aboUt that.
UU: a rogUe is a passive class. yoU see, there are passive (+) and active (-) classes. some more strongly passive or active than others.
UU: the +/- distinction can mean many things, bUt coUld be qUite roUghly sUmmed Up in this way: active classes exploit their aspect to benefit themselves, while passive classes allow their aspect to benefit others.
UU: bUt of coUrse there's plenty more to it, and that rUle is in no way absolUte. only a starting point for Understanding the dichotomy.
TG: you mean kinda like
TG: offensive vs defesive magic in an rpg
UU: sUre!
UU: that's another fine way of looking at it.
UU: classes always come in +/- pairs, with significant disparity between them.
UU: while a rogUe is passive, a thief woUld be its far more active coUnterpart.
UU: the rogUe and thief classes tend to be assigned to females. not exclUsively, bUt commonly!
UU: other classes lean more toward male assignment, while others are exclUsively male, and jUst as many are exclUsively female. like my class. ^u^
UU: that's a bit of a tangent thoUgh. to answer yoUr qUestion aboUt being a rogUe, i shoUld tell yoU both classes in +/- pairs tend to have very similar descriptions.
UU: in this case, a rogUe or a thief is "one who steals." qUite simple, really!
UU: bUt whether the class is + or - makes all the difference. it is a great indicator as to how a hero will make Use of the aspect.
TG: so basically
TG: a thief is like the asshole class
TG: the player who says step off shits mine suckas
TG: whereas
TG: a rogue
TG: is bascially robin hood
UU: if that reference to yoUr cUltUre provides a sUitable comparison, then absolUtely. :U
TG: so im essantially the robin hood of void
TG: im still not sure
TG: wtf that actually means
UU: Understandable.
TG: i guess robin hods p cool tho
TG: thiefin up loot from peeps who got too much
TG: then all sugardaddyin it out 2 the needy like a boss
TG: just dont have a clue how that works with void
UU: yes, it is one of the more conceptUally nebUloUs pairings, i agree.
UU: and i can't say i know a smashing good deal aboUt the natUre of the void player's path, since the aspect is by definition inscrUtable to those it does not choose.
UU: bUt i can at least tell yoU this.
UU: if yoU are ever to enjoy fUll ascension as a rogUe of void, yoU will be able to do some completely astonishing things!
TG: like what
UU: oh no, yoU will not pry this oUt of me.
UU: not to preserve caUsality, bUt to keep the sUrprise in store for yoU.
UU: it woUld not be honoUrable of me to spoil the discovery, shoUld yoU be fortUnate enoUgh to realize yoUr potential.
TG: well
TG: about that
TG: i feel sorta stupid about this but
TG: ive been giving all my friends this whole dramagic spiel about not wanting to even play this thing
TG: and i might of fucked stuff up already
UU: is that so?
TG: its so
TG: and i guess i still havnt decide what to do
TG: there are props and cons 2 both things
UU: woUld yoU mind listing them?
TG: ok either i dont play
TG: and i get this kinda passive aggressive revange at the witch for killing my mom
TG: and thereafter keep staying here and being lonely
TG: or
TG: i do play and the spoips r as follows...
TG: sweet powers 4 me
TG: check
TG: tri generational lolonde family reonion
TG: check as fuck
TG: meet all my friends
TG: and smoe others stuff
UU: all fine points.
UU: is there nothing i can do to make the decision easier?
TG: nah but thx
TG: u already have anyway
TG: i will probably play
TG: wonder if i can tell distri withoup lookin like a waffle assed chump
UU: what's a waffle arsed chUmp?
UU: is it earth cUisine? :u~
TG: lol no its just a shithead
TG: this doesnt matter now tho i cant play til i go deliver this dead cat back ing time to maybe my mom or someshing??/
UU: that's another statement that doesn't make a good deal of sense to me, bUt if it is important to yoU, then godspeed!
UU: i'm so pleased to hear yoU are leaning in favor of participating with the rest of Us. i promise we'll all have a ball together.
UU: now i have a bUsy schedUle to keep Up with so i mUst go. bUt please remember yoU can always contact me if yoU have qUestions.
UU: don't be a stranger, love. ta! ^u^
uranianUmbra [UU] ceased cheering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]

> Roxy: Proceed to lab.