Dirk: Deploy.

TT: Yeah, you're right. The scenario is too pedestrian for you.
TT: It would probably be a lot more effective putting yourself in danger and letting him be the hero.
TT: That's pretty much what he wants, right? To be a cheesy action film hero, with his twin berettas and silly shorts.
TT: A man of triumph on the silver screen. Standing tall on some fucking mountain. Conquering ruins, clutching a skull, and kissing a dude.
TT: Pure Hollywood.
TT: See, this is why even if I did have a specific plan, I wouldn't go into details with you.
TT: You would just fuck it up. You're the biggest unknown quantity here.
TT: Which is pretty weird, considering you're a virtual reflection of my own thought processes.
TT: You're making a mistake not leveling with me.
TT: I am totally on your side, man.
TT: All of my machinations have been devised with your interests in mind.
TT: And anyway, it's too late for you to play "damage control" with me. My shit is in motion, and now we're beyond the pail.
TT: Pretty sure it's pale.
TT: Is it, now?

> Dirk: Deploy more stuff.