TT: Now do me a favor and hop off the couch.
GG: Ok.
GG: What are you doing?
TT: Makin' room for something big.

TT: So you're going through with it then?
TT: Today is the day?
TT: It's not that simple.
TT: It's a very dynamic situation with many moving parts, and I'm waiting for it to unfold.
TT: If the right opportunity presents itself, yes, I could envision myself taking action.
TT: Dynamic situation with many moving parts?
TT: That's the shittiest erotic excerpt I ever read.
TT: Which one of us was supposed to be the robot again?
TT: Shut up.
TT: I think you're being coy with me.
TT: Don't you?
TT: Not really.
TT: It seems there is a 3.14159...4% chance you aren't being coy with me. Are you being coy with me, Dirk?
TT: I am seriously going to go into your program and remove that particular speech pattern from your routines.
TT: It stopped being funny about two seconds after I coded it.
TT: The compiler even flagged it with a warning.
TT: "WARNING ON LINE WHATEVER: Dirk, this isn't fucking funny."
TT: I think you have this whole blueprint in your head about how it's all supposed to go.
TT: He acts as your server player and brings you into the session.
TT: Then later he joins the game.
TT: Maybe he finds himself a bit overwhelmed by it all.
TT: No extra lives left or anything. Suddenly he's backed into a corner, surrounded by monsters and out of ammo. SUBSTANTIAL vulnerabilities up in here. The kind that make a guy question what he believes about himself.
TT: When who shows up to save him? None other than his dashing client player, +1 bitchin' pair of shades that'll have the best seat in the house when the fireworks go off.
TT: Wait, whose fantasy were we talking about again?
TT: Your gutterball was so rowdy it catapulted into the adjacent lane.

> Dirk: Deploy.