Dirk: Warn Jane.

timaeusTestified [TT] began pestering gutsyGumshoe [GG]

TT: I should probably warn you.
GG: About what?
GG: Yet another exploding game trap?
TT: Well shit.
TT: She already sent it?
GG: Yes.
GG: But to be fair, she warned me not to run it.
TT: That's weird.

TT: How is the Jane thing going?
TT: Not well.
TT: Roxy already destroyed her computer.
TT: Maybe if you weren't spacing out so hard you could have prevented that.
TT: Just saying.
TT: As if you're actually concerned. If you were, you could have said something to Jane instead.
TT: Almost like you enjoy sitting back and watching what happens when shit goes wrong.
TT: Has it occurred to you that maybe I have diabolical interwoven plans just like you?
TT: You're not the only one who can pull strings.
TT: So this is either another bizarre instance of AI-driven irony, or you are admitting that you are actively trying to sabotage my plans.
TT: No, our plans are not in contradiction or competition, bro.
TT: You'll see.
TT: Whatever.
TT: This means I'll have to improvise.
TT: I'll take over as Crocker's server while Lalonde cleans up her act.
TT: Yes, I know.
TT: Why are you still talking in red, by the way?
TT: Roxy thinks it looks good on me.
TT: I don't have many opinions on fashion since I am a cold, emotionless automaton who also happens to be an accessory of fashion, but I think she may be right.
TT: Are you still talking to her?
TT: I was for a while. I may yet again.
TT: Why are you blocking me from viewing the transcripts?
TT: What the fuck are you two even talking about?
TT: You, mostly.
TT: That doesn't really sit well with me.
TT: I'd almost rather you both engaged in "ironic" flirtation.
TT: Who says we don't do that too?
TT: Ugh.
TT: I don't get what is even your problem with that.
TT: Because you obviously do it just to piss me off.
TT: How do you know?
TT: You don't know me, dude. You don't know anything about me.
TT: Maybe we are perfect for each other. I, a street-smart, fast-talking application with a fuckzillion IQ trapped in a pair of triangular sunglasses that literally only the Japanese could consider to embody the Platonic ideal of "cool," and she, an oft-inebriated lonely hacker teen who just wants a boyfriend. I ran the numbers on this, trust me. It's a match made in goddamn crackpair heaven.
TT: I give her what you can't, and that just drives you crazy. Just admit it.
TT: See, it's lines like that which make it obvious your only intent is to jerk me around. Nobody actually says shit like that and is serious about it.
TT: It's also obvious because you're me, and I'm sure I would be constantly fucking with my own head if I were you.
TT: Touché.
TT: Or should I say douché?
TT: You shouldn't say the former, and you should definitely, never, under any circumstance, say the latter.
TT: Ok.
TT: We really should talk about the Jake thing.
TT: Fine.

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