TT: Interesting.
TT: Would you ever be inclined to share?
UU: ohhhh, no no no no no no no.
UU: i woUld be far too embarrassed to do that.
TT: That's cool. I'm not trying to pass judgment here. Just curious.
TT: Do any of these stories about us by any chance involve...
TT: Romance?
UU: well...
UU: maybe jUst...
UU: Um.
UU: a wee bit. :u
TT: How wee?
UU: a smidgen or two.
TT: Which is it? One smidgen, or two smidgens?
UU: i'm sorry. unu
TT: Ok, I am seriously curious to read some.
TT: I won't show anyone, I promise.
UU: bUUUt...
UU: yoU woUldn't even Understand it!
UU: my species has a completely different Understanding of romance than yoU do.
UU: it woUld probably offend yoU deeply. it might even sicken yoU!
TT: But that only makes me want to check it out more.
TT: Really, there's no way it's going to sicken or offend me. Whatever it is, I've seen worse.
TT: I'm not judging you at all here. I'm genuinely curious about your work.
UU: no, i'm sorry love, i jUst CANNOT abide.
UU: if i let anyone read it, i woUld cUrl Up and die of shame. U_U
TT: K, no biggie.
TT: Is there any kind of work you will share with me?
UU: hmm.
UU: well, when i find myself immersed in specUlation...
UU: i do often enjoy drawing the things i imagine.
TT: Oh, really?
UU: yes. ^u^
TT: Any you'd be willing to spare a peek at?
UU: well...
UU: yes!
UU: yoU've talked me into it. this sUddenly soUnds fUn, and i have jUst the thing to show yoU.
TT: Awesome.
UU: yoU were asking aboUt whether yoU woUld ascend to godhood.
UU: and withoUt getting into whether yoU do or do not, i have specUlated on yoUr hypothetical appearance, since that oUtcome is jUst as cloaked to me as it is to yoU.
UU: given what is docUmented for the typical accoUtrements and cUt of the prince garb, and palette for the heart aspect, i think this is likely spot on!
UU: http://tinyurl.com/dirkisthisyoU
TT: Holy shit.
TT: Do I actually have to wear that?
UU: perhaps. it all depends Upon how mUch of yoUr inner greatness yoU wish to realize. u_u
TT: Ok, what is with the butterfly wings?
UU: we sproUt them Upon ascension! aren't they beaUtifUl?
TT: Uh.
UU: i have seen many depictions of sUch heroes with wings, Unless they happen to be hiding them beneath their clothes.
UU: i gUess i can't be absolUtely sUre, bUt i believe it's reasonably likely the Upgrade is Universal!
TT: I should sure as god damn Christ hope the fuck not.
TT: What about this knickerbocker bullshit?
TT: Is that legit?
UU: yUp!
UU: one hUndred percent princely canon.
TT: God dammit.
TT: I guess those asskicking gloves are pretty cool.
TT: I dunno. I can probably make it work.
TT: How much of this shit is compulsory by game law or whatever?
TT: Am I obligated to traipse around in fucking tights and puffy little asshole pants forever?
UU: no, silly.
UU: they are jUst clothes. yoU are free to swap parts if yoU like.
UU: or, if yoU wish to be free of it altogether, change back into yoUr plain clothes, and bob's yoUr Uncle. like it never even happened!
TT: Ok.
TT: Well, don't get me wrong, I think the drawing is great. I'm only taken aback on some finer points of fashion.
UU: ^u^!!!
TT: Also,
TT: Bob's my uncle?
UU: oh...
UU: no, love! it was a figUre of speech.
TT: Yeah, I know that.
UU: ah.
UU: did i Use it incorrectly?
TT: I don't think so.
TT: I mean, I guess not?
UU: say, what is an Uncle, by the by?
TT: It's sort of like this weird, superfluous dad.
UU: hmm.
TT: Like a strange man in your life that barely has anything to do with you, but is just there for some reason.
TT: They're practically always douche bags.
UU: i sUppose i'll jUst have to take yoUr word for it. :u
TT: Ok, but just one question.
TT: Not to do with the future or anything, just about you.
UU: yes?
TT: Are you British?
TT: Or pretending to be British, in a sort of ironic or stylized way?
UU: doing what now?
TT: I mean, I guess it doesn't make sense for an alien to be British.
TT: Or for an alien to be American, for that matter.
UU: hmm...
UU: no, i fancy neither of those things make mUch sense at all.
TT: Just the way you type is making it seem that way is all.
UU: oh!
UU: yes, that woUld be my qUirk.
TT: Quirk?
TT: So like,
TT: Deliberate affectation?
UU: no! a qUirk!!!
UU: qUirk dirk.
UU: heeheehee. ^u^
TT: You pretending to be British is a quirk.
TT: What the fuck is a quirk?
UU: we all need a qUirk!
UU: it adds spice to oUr voices and helps Us stand oUt as individUals.
TT: That's stupid.
TT: I don't have a fucking quirk, and I don't want one.
UU: oh, well of coUrse YOU woUldn't.
UU: yoU're hUman.
UU: hUmans are notorioUsly strange. :U

> ==>