UU: i think their romantic practices are particUlarly esoteric.
UU: actUally, i have written hUndreds of pages examining the striking differences between hUman and troll romance, as well as reprodUctive habits, as the comparison makes for a marveloUs case stUdy in xenobiocUltUral differences.
UU: as long as i am sharing specUlation with yoU, perhaps yoU woUld like to read my essays?
UU: i coUld even paste each page right here in sUccession, and allow yoU to read them back to back to back to back to back to back! ^u^
TT: Oh hell no.
UU: ah.
UU: yes, yoU're right of coUrse. i'm probably getting carried away as UsUal.
UU: forgive my enthUsiasm, it's jUst that i so rarely have anyone to talk to who shares my passion for these matters.
UU: certainly not my cUrmUdgeonly coplayer. >:U
TT: I mean, not that all that stuff wouldn't be fascinating to pore through, on some level.
TT: But we kind of have things to do here.
TT: Remember you were gonna take a nap?
UU: by jove, the nap!!!
UU: yes, i really mUst secUre a bit of shUteye.
TT: By jove?
TT: Oh my lord.
UU: yoUr lord?
UU: what...
UU: do yoU mean by that exactly? :u
TT: Nothin'.
TT: Hang on, though. Before you go,
TT: You never did give me any actual advice on my situation.
TT: With the dead agent, and my blown cover.
UU: oh, right!
UU: i woUld look at it this way.
UU: yoU are moments away from beginning yoUr session, yes?
TT: Sure.
UU: and yoU have already spent a long time gathering intelligence Unbeknownst to the aUthorities.
UU: how mUch more do yoU expect to accUmUlate even if yoU coUld stay Undetected?
UU: and how mUch strategic advantage is left to gain by delaying yoUr discovery for mUch longer?
TT: I don't know.
UU: i say the time to make a stand is now!
UU: to hell with the dersite tossers.
UU: make yoUr presence known. let them see that the prince is awake, and make it abUndantly clear what that means.
UU: perhaps it is their tUrn to be nervoUs? to cower in the shadows and live in Uncertainty?
TT: Hmm.
UU: that is my advice. do with it as yoU will.
UU: now i'm off to get some rest. u_u
UU: with any lUck, the next time we convene, both of oUr adventUres will be well Under way.
UU: cheerio!
TT: You know, I'm not sure anyone ever actually says cheerio.
uranianUmbra [UU] ceased cheering timaeusTestified [TT]
TT: Unless they're pretending to be British.
TT: Oh whatever.

> Dirk: Go through bedroom door.