Jake: Pester Roxy.

golgothasTerror [GT] began pestering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]
GT: I still cant find dirk all i get is his jerkwad shades.
GT: Surprise sur freakin prise.
TG: jake enklish
TG: cant u see im fuck deep in all these stupid meowcats
GT: Oh.
GT: No?
GT: I cant see that actually.
TG: i m also
TG: fuck deep in busy
TG: what ist it
GT: Just seeing if you had heard from him yet.
GT: I would really like to speak with him today.
GT: You know like actually in person instead of through his aggravating liaison who is so far up his own ass with this hal 9000 schtick its ridonkulous.
GT: Is he avoiding me or something?
GT: I hope i didnt piss him off through some indiscernible slight. Gosh he can be sensitive.
TG: nah hes just
TG: biding his time i guess.....
GT: Huh.
GT: Well okey doke.
GT: Man i just had a crazy dream after getting coldcocked by his roughhouse droid.
TG: yeh theres been that goin around
GT: What?
TG: dreamin
TG: what was urs about
GT: Well i dont want to alarm you or anything...
GT: But it may just have featured none other than THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS????????
GT: She had sharp funny horns and a nice blue dress and she may have been some sort of spidery vampire? I dunno. It was very brief but she waved to me.
TG: nonononoononno
TG: this wont do at all
GT: What wont?
TG: u slobberin over some alien dream girl
TG: fuck THAT im having enough a hard time keppin trach of the jakestakes as it is
GT: The jakestakes?
TG: the jakestakes
GT: Also who said she was an alien? I just thought she was some kind of pretty monster.
TG: listen bro i know u love adventures and dumb shit like that but you are forbidden from thinkin about her again
GT: Ok i mean this is a strange reaction roxy but ok.
GT: She was a figment of my imagination so what choice do i even have?
TG: exactically
TG: she was a fake girl so 4get it
TG: a fakey fakey fuke
TG: wait a minnit...
TG: has jane talked to u yet about anything?
GT: About anything? Yes i do imagine our last chat could fit that description.
TG: no
TG: i mean
TG: about anythin serious
TG: feelinswasy
TG: * wawys
TG: * waways
TG: * about your emotions
GT: Not really.
TG: uuuuuugh
TG: i knew shed porcrastinate on this
GT: On what?
TG: can u just message her now
GT: Sure.
GT: But what are you talking about?
GT: Should i expect a serious exchange about feelings and whatnot?
TG: depenbs on the present magnitude of her tightassery
TG: someone needs 2 move you fuckers along an get some stuff out in the popen already
GT: Wait would this be about certain unrequited pinings you may have alluded to earlier?
TG: i didint say nothin and aint sayin anything to that effeft
GT: Indubitably. Miss zipper lips was it? Humorously misspelled of course.
TG: mmmmm!
TG: *zuip*
GT: I guess i cant help but wonder if that truly is the way she sees me or if it is just some wild ego stroking delusion on my part.
GT: I always get this sense that people sorta fancy me but who knows i could be just miles off the old rocker about that!
GT: Youre right i think its high time we cleared the air on some things even if there is a chance it gets all awkward and prickly.
GT: That is what being brave and adventurous is all about after all. It isnt just about summoning the courage to pilfer some priceless loot from trap laden catacomb. Or shooting at stuff with two guns at once.
GT: There are treacheries of the heart to consider!!!
TG: lol u f'n dork
TG: but yes do that
TG: shit i gotta go
TG: i think theres someone in here....
GT: Are you in danger?
tipsyGnostalgic [TG] ceased pestering golgothasTerror [GT]
GT: Hmm.

> Jake: Pester Jane.