Jake: Pester Jane.

golgothasTerror [GT] began pestering gutsyGumshoe [GG]
GT: Aloha madame.
GG: Jake!
GG: Hey there. I was actually about to message you.
GT: Yes i have heard that maybe your correspondence was forthcoming.
GG: You did?
GT: I just got off the horn with roxy.
GG: Wait...
GG: What did she tell you?
GT: Well. Not anything all that specific.
GG: Did she goad you into writing this message?
GT: Oh you know how it is. What with her ways.
GG: What ways?
GT: You know... ways!
GT: I believe they are not incongruous with those of a feisty and provocative young woman.
GG: Provocative my behind!
GG: She is skirting dangerously close to meddlesome territory.
GT: No its really not like that!
GT: Hold on...
GT: God dammit.
GG: ??
GT: Its just dirks inscrutable wrestlebot acting up over there.
GT: What the fuck is it doing now?
GG: Has one of his gadgets been causing trouble for you over there as well?
GT: If by causing trouble you mean clobbering the everfriggin tar out of me while still switched to the "novice" setting then yes.
GT: But that is not why i messaged you!!! I will not be deterred here jane.
GG: Deterred from what?
GT: Jane i think its time we had an honest to goodness dame to fella talk. Like about our...
GT: Stuff. You know?
GG: Our stuff?
GT: Our feelings.
GT: Like how we feel about each other.
GG: Um...
GG: Yes.
GG: Okay.
GT: I dont think im out of line in suggesting weve been tiptoeing around some things here do you?
GG: Have we?
GT: I think so. Its just a hunch.
GG: Is there something you want to say to me, Jake?
GG: About how you feel?
GT: Absolutely!
GT: I feel that total honesty between us will be the best policy as we begin our journey together.
GT: So i say lets put all the facts on the table where we can both see them.
GT: With that in mind i would like to ask you a question jane and i hope it doesnt strike you as being too forward.
GG: ...
GG: Go on.
GT: Maybe its just my imagination but ive picked up on certain lets say hints.
GT: So i have to just come out and ask. Hoo boy this is actually proving to be a serious challenge to my bravery now that im going through with it.
GT: Im getting a little hot under the collar here!
GG: No, it's ok...
GG: Please continue!
GT: Ok then.
GT: What id like to know is...
GT: Do you like me jane?
GG: Uh.
GG: Wait...
GG: What?
GT: I mean do you like me as more than a friend?
GT: Do you envision us as like...
GT: An item? A romantic pairing of sorts?
GG: Wow, um.
GT: Is that the direction in which you would prefer our relationship to progress?
GG: Well,
GT: Please! Be honest with me jane.
GT: Just come out and say it. Do you fancy me?
GG: No!

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