GT: I see.
GT: Very well then.
GT: Jeez i mustve really misread that one! I feel like kind of a bone head now.
GT: Are you sure the answers no?
GG: I guess...
GG: That...
GG: Sure was the thing I said! Ha ha.
GT: Yes fair enough.
GT: I guess i did put you on the spot there didnt i.
GT: You know it may sound cocky of me but i really was not prepared for this answer!
GT: You must think im just this epic friggin tool now. Couldnt say id disagree if you did.
GG: No!!!!!!
GG: Oh my God, what am I saying here?
GG: Jake, I didn't mean it! I didn't want to make you feel that way!
GT: Now jane lets not backpedal here.
GT: Youve spoken the truth and i greatly appreciate and respect you for that.
GT: But now that i think about it you know what?
GG: ...
GG: No? :(
GT: Please dont take this the wrong way but your answer is actually kind of a relief!
GG: It is?
GT: I consider you to be a lovely lady of the highest caliber and i really think any gent worth his salt would be a huge bozo to let the chance to go steady with you slip through his fingers.
GT: Ive even given the possibility some thought myself.
GG: You have?
GT: Sure im only human jane im going to entertain lets say certain ideas. What ifs. You know?
GT: Like what if we did meet up some day? And you asked me out or something. Im sure id say yes given all weve been through together and then well who knows?
GG: You would??
GT: Probably but im kind of babbling here. The point is those are all just silly daydreams about stuff and about your feelings for me that i was projecting on you which werent even real.
GT: And now that weve been honest with each other about this we can kind of move on and just be great friends.
GG: Friends!
GG: Oh boy!!
GT: And its a load off to be honest because that was lot to think about on top of everything else!
GG: Everything else?
GT: Things are kind of complicated for me jane. With you and roxy and dirk and his crazy responder and now...
GT: Well its a tangled web lets just put it that way.
GG: I don't think I'm following.
GT: There are a fuckload of irons in the fire jane!
GT: So many irons in the fire. Such a tangled web. It is a web full of flaming irons.
GG: And mixed metaphors, apparently?
GT: Exactly. See? You get it.
GG: I really don't, Jake.
GT: Oh son of a bitch!
GG: What?!
GT: The robot is being weird again.

> ==>