GG: What's happening?
GT: Its having some sort of mental episode.
GT: See this is what im talking about jane. This is what im dealing with here.
GT: Sigh. Like i said my life is many different hells of complicated.
GG: Jake, could you just tell me what you're talking about?
GT: Youre right. I did say honesty was the best policy didnt i so i might as well not keep certain things so close to the vest anymore.
GT: Actually since youve made your feelings apparent and only see me as a friend that makes it a lot easier!
GG: Haha, yes!
GG: Friends!!!!
GT: Maybe you could help me sort out some stuff that has been weighing on me lately?
GG: Well what are friends for Jake!!!!!
GT: Jane are you alright?
GT: You seem to be exclaiming more liberally than usual.
GG: Me?
GG: I'm just
GG: Terrific!
GG: I'm feeling so...
GG: Friendly!!!
GG: I clearly just want to be a good friend and bring all my AMAZING FRIENDLINESS to bear on your problems.
GG: Friendlystyle! Ahahahah?
GG: Shit I mean
GG: Ahahahah!
GT: Thats aces. Jane youre a sweetheart.
GT: So as i was saying.
GT: I cant help but feel like all this stuff going on with dirk like his responders mind games and his brobots mysterious and brutal hazings...
GT: Are all like...
GT: Man i know this is going to sound crazy.
GG: What?
GT: Like theyre all part of a really long term and esoteric courtship process that is bizarre but somehow makes perfect sense in his mind.
GG: Courtship??
GT: Yes from dirk.
GT: To you know...
GT: Woo me.
GG: Huh!
GG: Really?
GT: I know its hard to believe but i know dirk pretty well and...
GT: Well im more than a little sure he likes me in that way if you catch my drift.
GT: And what with how he is...
GT: Just so relentless and aggressive about everything you know?
GG: Yeaaah.
GT: So i just start to wonder deep down if maybe its inevitable.
GG: What's inevitable?
GT: Him and me. As more than just best buddies.
GG: Uhhhhh...
GT: I know if he has his heart set on something he will never let up.
GT: So maybe its just going to happen and things will be easier that way and i should just try to come to terms with it?
GG: I don't think you have to do anything you don't want to, Jake.
GT: Yeah.
GT: Um.
GG: Wait.
GG: DO you not want to?
GT: Like i said jane i am inclined to entertain certain ideas and what ifs thats all.
GT: I mean we do get along really well and share a lot of interests.
GT: Im not saying im really GUNG HO TO THE MAX about the proposition but yeah ive given it some thought.
GT: I dunno.
GT: Do you think thats weird of me? For even considering it?
GG: Well...
GG: No.
GG: I don't think that makes you weird, Jake.
GT: Really?
GG: I think
GG: That
GT: What jane?
GG: I think that it's great if you are open to exploring those feelings.

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