[A6I2] ==>

DAVE: anyone seen terezi around
ROSE: Why?
DAVE: we were gonna do a thing
DAVE: but shes not around and not answering my messages
DAVE: on any one of the probably ten thousand computers lying around that they would show up on
ROSE: A thing?
DAVE: yes a thing
ROSE: I see.
DAVE: shut up
DAVE: what about you have you seen her
KANAYA: Have You Seen Gamzee
DAVE: are you serious
DAVE: of course not
DAVE: i havent seen that guy at all since the first day we got here
DAVE: not once
DAVE: talk about an elusive juggalo
DAVE: probably like the shyest fuckin juggalo of all time
DAVE: im pretty sure only karkats seen him
DAVE: dont expect him to rat him out either because of the "morail" junk
DAVE: moirail?
DAVE: mwah rail...
DAVE: alien words
KANAYA: I Wouldnt Expect Him To
KANAYA: I Wouldnt Even Ask It Would Be Really Bad Form To Ask Him That
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: i mean i bet you think youre imparting some really obscure cultural fact about trolls
DAVE: but really if a human said to another human
DAVE: "hey man can you tell me where your best clown friend is hiding so i can go chainsaw him to death"
DAVE: just fyi that would probably be bad form too
DAVE: i dunno its been a year already i think hes really intent on hiding
DAVE: and hanging on to those dead bodies
DAVE: hes probably scared to death of you at this point anyway
DAVE: maybe you should just let it go
DAVE: rose back me up
ROSE: I try to stay out of troll interpersonal politics.
DAVE: interpersonal
DAVE: wait
DAVE: are you saying this is like
DAVE: a spade quadrant thing
DAVE: is she trying to be his kismet fish
ROSE: I'm saying no such thing!
DAVE: well if she hates him isnt that what that means
ROSE: Dave, don't be a dick. You're embarrassing her.
DAVE: haha no im not shes cool
DAVE: look shes being cool about it
KANAYA: Im Being Cool About It
DAVE: see????
KANAYA: Its Not Like That
KANAYA: I Just Want To Find Him
KANAYA: At Least Wound Him Somewhat
DAVE: yeah see i knew there had to be a perfectly harmless and unerotic explanation
ROSE: (shh!)
KANAYA: See Im Explaining This Badly
KANAYA: All Im Saying Is Basically
KANAYA: Fuck That Guy

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