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DAVE: got it
DAVE: so what are you up to in here
DAVE: whats with all these books
ROSE: Research.
ROSE: We're trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.
ROSE: You are aware this meteor has many secret rooms scattered throughout, including libraries, right?
DAVE: hell yeah
DAVE: we looted one of them for the can town project
ROSE: Can Town?
DAVE: i told you about can town didnt i
ROSE: No??
DAVE: well
DAVE: the thing about can town
DAVE: and all there really is to say about can town is
DAVE: its awesome
DAVE: the end???
ROSE: Wow.
ROSE: What a story.
DAVE: fu
DAVE: so
DAVE: what is the point of this research
ROSE: Primarily to gain a more thorough understanding of the situation we'll be entering when we arrive.
DAVE: i thought you pretty much already knew the situation
DAVE: since you can see the future
ROSE: Oh my God.
ROSE: I've told you. I can't see the future!
DAVE: yes you can
DAVE: you totally can
ROSE: Ok. But not all of it. Only certain relevant pieces.
ROSE: It's a bit frustrating when people make that presumption about you.
ROSE: For instance, you are a Knight of Time. Since you have such mastery over time, doesn't that mean you should know everything about the future too?
DAVE: no thats totally dumb
DAVE: i could know things about the future if i time traveled and found out first hand
DAVE: nobodys mistaking that about me im a time traveler not a fuckin fortune teller its simple as shit
ROSE: Right. So there are significant limitations on what you can know, governed by certain rules.
ROSE: That's how it is for a Seer too.
DAVE: ok whatever
ROSE: But I will say that I have been able to use these abilities to assist with research.
ROSE: I can treat my finite glimpses as an additional source of information.
ROSE: If you combine that with the knowledge we've gathered from these texts, and things we've learned from our various encounters with the deceased, with a bit of inference and deduction, a more detailed picture is coming into focus.
DAVE: nice
ROSE: Do you want to hear about it?
DAVE: uh
DAVE: now?
ROSE: Yes.
ROSE: Why not? It's been a year.
ROSE: It seems like all we've done on this trip so far is indulge in lavish interior decoration projects and screw around with mysterious "Can Town" initiatives, which may or may not be consuming valuable library resources as building materials.
ROSE: We could make at least some effort to squeeze in annual briefings on our objective.
DAVE: yeah that would be pretty legit of us
ROSE: I think you'll find that when it comes to striving for a reasonable approximation of legitimacy, we are simply the most barely adequate there is.
DAVE: ok i didnt really catch any of that bullshit cause i wasnt listening
DAVE: im gonna make myself a cup of coffee and get primed to listen to you saying a lot of stuff like that
DAVE: do you want some
ROSE: Um. Sure.

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