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DAVE: ok
DAVE: which is what
ROSE: It's very simply a session in which nothing is prototyped before entry, at all.
ROSE: Hence, by Skaia's preemptive all-knowing and its influence on the rest of the incipisphere, there are not even any towers on Prospit or Derse built to receive the split kernels.
ROSE: See?
DAVE: weird
DAVE: why would these alt universe players fuck up in such an obvious and stupid way
ROSE: I don't know what specifically led to the failure to prototype anything.
ROSE: But it doesn't really matter. As I said, the session was designed this way before they began playing. Any efforts to prototype may have been in vain regardless. Possibly subject to sabotage.
DAVE: didnt you say at some point that not prototyping anything would be really bad
ROSE: Yes.
ROSE: It's just another way to create an infertile session. Though by a less catastrophic and bloody route we took to achieve the same result.
ROSE: By contrast, it leads to a rather harmless, uneventful session. Underlings remain unaugmented, and so does the royalty.
ROSE: And while this may sound advantageous to the players, it's a curse in disguise. The lack of prototypings which keeps adversaries unevolved has the same influence on the battlefield.
ROSE: Without successive prototypings, the battlefield will never reach its final form, which must be fertilized to grow a new universe.

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