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ROSE: Instead, it remains in its most basic form, stuck in eternal stalemate.
ROSE: There is nothing players in a void session can do to change this. They are resigned to live out the rest of their days in a dead end session.
DAVE: still waiting to hear how this is in any way an improvement on all the shit we just escaped from
ROSE: It's a vast improvement.
ROSE: The new session is a blank slate, without a ridiculously short time limit for victory like ours had.
ROSE: There will be no time limit at all, in fact.
ROSE: Once we arrive, ostensibly that is when the nature of the session will change.
ROSE: It won't be classifiable as either a null or void session anymore. It will be something which, as far as I can tell, is unique.
ROSE: The fully matured battlefield from our session can be used to make the new one viable. The path to success will be made possible by a combination of efforts and assets from both iterations.
ROSE: Usually scratched sessions are absolute resets, and involve no direct influence from the first attempt at all. I can't find any precedent for our situation.
DAVE: jade has our battlefield right
ROSE: Yes.
DAVE: so she shows up and drops it in skaia
DAVE: and then we take the result of all that damn frog breeding we did and stick the thing in there somehow
DAVE: and we sit back and wait for it to do its huge ribbit or whatever
DAVE: and were golden
ROSE: Pretty much.
ROSE: As long as there is an actual vacancy in the center of Skaia when we get there.

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