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DAVE: is that going to be a problem
ROSE: I don't think so.
ROSE: Even if it were, it would be a trivial obstacle.
ROSE: But as it is, I think the forces opposing these players are clandestinely working toward the same goal as we are.
ROSE: From what I can tell, gestures of antagonism, while certainly posing legitimate danger, have been factored in as critical stepping stones to one destination shared by all parties.
ROSE: I don't know why this is, or what the motives are yet.
ROSE: The appearance is one of clear sailing ahead, but traces of conspiracy are everywhere.
DAVE: ok but
DAVE: conspiracies aside
DAVE: did it ever really look like clear sailing to you
DAVE: thats not what i was seeing
DAVE: we are going to arrive and then soon after jack is going to show up
DAVE: and then we have to beat him right
DAVE: so there kind of is a time limit

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