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ROSE: Yes, we will have to deal with Jack before all is said and done.
ROSE: And that will definitely be a major challenge.
ROSE: But it is not impossible. At least, not by design.
ROSE: When I said there would be no time limit in this session, I was talking about something more specific.
ROSE: There will be no reckoning.
DAVE: oh
DAVE: why not
ROSE: It's a logical consequence of any void session.
ROSE: The battlefield never evolves, and therefore the more extensive war between Prospit and Derse never takes shape.
ROSE: It is only when the Prospitian king falls in battle that the reckoning can be initiated by the forces of Derse.
ROSE: The meteors then rush to destroy the battlefield, while Skaia redirects them through defense portals for as long as it can.
ROSE: Thus, if there is no war, there is no reckoning, no meteors, and no imminent threat of failure.
ROSE: This is of course good news for Earth as well. During the reckoning, Skaia redirects all incoming meteors to the only place it can. Earth.
ROSE: So it turns out that players who initiate a void session are not actually condemning their home planet to an apocalyptic wasteland after they leave.
ROSE: In the new instance of our universe, Earth is just fine.
ROSE: Sort of.
DAVE: so
DAVE: no meteors came at all
DAVE: you mean by fucking up and having to scratch we also sort of saved earth in the process
ROSE: Again: sort of.
ROSE: And it's not that there were no meteors whatsoever.
ROSE: Just the vast majority of the destructive onslaught never showed up.
ROSE: But delivering the temple to the site of the forge is still integral to jumpstarting the session.
ROSE: That meteor however could have been propelled through a portal by any means, not just via the reckoning.
DAVE: i see
DAVE: what about the players themselves
DAVE: they had to arrive on meteors too didnt they
DAVE: i guess the baby meteors were some exceptions too right
ROSE: Yes.
ROSE: But they weren't flung through portals in their own session, nor will they be created there.
ROSE: They were created in our session, and sent back through our portals. Just like us.

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