[A6I2] ==>

JADE: i dont really think this is my kind of game....
JADE: but i will play it with you today because it is technically your birthday <3
JOHN: yesss. you won't be disappointed.
JADE: how many people did you get to play this??
JOHN: um, i don't know.
JOHN: i only showed it to a few people, but i guess hundreds are playing it now?
JOHN: nobody is very good at it though.
JOHN: i keep trying to tell the salamanders and chess guys not to cross the streams, but they keep crossing the streams!
JOHN: just between you and me, i think a lot of them aren't very bright.
JADE: why cant you cross the streams?
JOHN: jade, please.
JOHN: it is just something you can't do when you're a ghost buster, because it spells big trouble. everyone knows that.
JADE: :p

> [A6I2] ==>