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JOHN: you should hurry up and make a character already, so we can get started.
JADE: im working on it!
JADE: there are so many options
JADE: what kind of ghostbuster should i make?
JOHN: just any old ghost buster! as long as he looks awesome and like he means business.
JADE: hmmmm
JOHN: i will begin organizing our squad.
JADE: what do you have to do?
JOHN: well, first we need buy an old abandoned fire station to use as a headquarters.
JOHN: luckily half the city is composed of abandoned fire stations that are for sale...
JOHN: this game is actually really stupid in a lot of ways, now that i think about it.
JADE: noooooooooo!
JOHN: hey, shut up!
JOHN: i take it back, it's great in every way.
JADE: sure john
JADE: whatever you say
JOHN: ok, now i have to find us a mission.
JOHN: got to hire a sassy secretary...
JOHN: just have to peruse this extensive palette of sarcastic red headed ladies...
JOHN: ok, here is a good one.
JOHN: then we wait for a phone call. this can take anywhere from ten seconds to several hours.
JADE: are you serious?
JOHN: but that's fine!
JOHN: there's lots to do in the station to kill time.
JOHN: like talk to slimer, and...
JOHN: get slimed by slimer.
JOHN: ok, i guess that's pretty much all there is to do.
JADE: what about that fire pole there?
JADE: cant you go down the fire pole?
JOHN: the fire pole is strictly decorative.
JADE: .........
JOHN: are you almost finished making your character?
JADE: yeah i think im done!!!
JADE: im pretty happy with him

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