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JOHN: jade.
JOHN: that is absolutely the shittiest ghost buster i have ever seen.
JADE: no way!
JOHN: yes.
JOHN: it is so yes way.
JADE: hes adorable, what are you even talking about?
JOHN: jade, i thought you were going to take this game seriously.
JOHN: that is not a serious ghost buster. no ghost could possibly fear that thing.
JADE: i dont want ghosts to be afraid of him
JADE: i want to make friends with some ghosts if at all possible
JOHN: it is not possible, ghosts are known to be cruel and mischievous.
JOHN: they will not want to befriend your fox man, they will only want to cover him in slime and then fly away.
JOHN: i really think you should consider redesigning him.
JADE: nope. im keeping him :p
JOHN: ok, well, if you want to turn our squad into a fucking joke, then that's your business.
JADE: shut up or ill give him a pink jumpsuit!
JOHN: argh!
JOHN: but seriously, those head swap options are for such noobs, i feel it's only fair to warn you.
JADE: i think i will manage to survive the embarrassment in front of a bunch of salamanders and crocodiles
JOHN: ok, fine.
JOHN: you get a pass, but only because you yourself are a furry.
JADE: thank you
JADE: *snicker*
JOHN: what?
JADE: nothing
JOHN: is someone messaging you through the game?
JADE: hehe
JOHN: who is it?
JADE: pffff!
JOHN: dammit, jade...
JADE: its davesprite, hes playing too
JOHN: oh.
JOHN: don't tell him any of our strategies. he is the enemy!
JADE: we have strategies?
JOHN: um...
JOHN: ok, first, tell him we have strategies. then, don't tell him them.
JADE: hahahahahahaha
JOHN: oh god.
JOHN: what is it now?
JADE: did you know...
JADE: davesprite is a funny guy?
JOHN: meh, he's alright i guess.
JOHN: i give most of his jokes a passing grade. sometimes as high as a solid b+!
JADE: i just told him you said that
JOHN: that's fine, he and i keep no secrets.
JADE: davesprite says to tell you "youre basically welcome for being born 14 years ago and 1 year ago you ungrateful douche"
JOHN: oh, like him taking credit for my existence isn't so old by now!
JOHN: hey, jade...
JOHN: why do you still call him davesprite?
JADE: um
JADE: because he is davesprite?
JOHN: i just call him dave.
JOHN: isn't that easier? i mean, he IS dave after all... right?
JADE: well yeah
JADE: but hes kinda different from dave
JOHN: pshh, he is so not different.
JOHN: dude is just a magical orange dave with wings! and also says caw sometimes.
JADE: i know
JADE: but there are other differences...

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