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JOHN: like what?
JADE: its hard to explain
JADE: just some slight differences in personality i guess
JOHN: he still raps sometimes.
JADE: yes...
JADE: so?
JOHN: i just thought i would mention that.
JADE: ok i will admit i cant really tell if his rapping style has changed
JOHN: trust me, it hasn't.
JADE: i dont know if the differences are because he is a sprite
JADE: or because he lived for a while in a different timeline...
JOHN: well, weren't you a sprite before?
JOHN: how different did you feel then?
JADE: i wasnt a sprite!
JADE: my dead dream self was a sprite
JADE: and then i kind of merged with her when i became a god tier
JOHN: oh, right.
JOHN: so...
JOHN: half of you was a sprite.
JADE: i guess?
JADE: its more like im still the me i always was, but inherited some of her memories
JADE: but they are pretty vague
JOHN: do you remember what it was like being jade sprite?
JADE: i remember being dead for a long time
JADE: and making friends...
JADE: mostly trolls
JOHN: oh really?
JOHN: which ones?
JADE: none that we know of now
JADE: that i can remember at least
JADE: they feel like such distant memories, like they were barely real
JOHN: hmm.
JOHN: i have to admit, i am a little disappointed in the dream bubble thing.
JOHN: by the way you were describing it, i really thought we would dream about them on this trip more often!
JADE: yeah me too
JADE: maybe its something about this place were traveling through?
JOHN: i dunno.
JADE: when was the last time you visited one in your sleep?
JOHN: man...
JOHN: that was weeks ago, i think.
JADE: yeah
JOHN: and then, when i do dream about them, it's just kind of weird.
JOHN: either i'm alone in my own memory, talking to figments of my imagination...
JOHN: or i dream about someone we know. like a troll we have talked to, and i get excited.
JOHN: but then it turns out they don't know who i am! it's like a version of them that died before they ever even knew us, and it's just kind of awkward.
JADE: yup
JOHN: and i still haven't seen dave or rose AT ALL.

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