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JOHN: have you?
JADE: nope :(
JOHN: yeah.
JOHN: i'm starting to think it's not going to happen. i wonder if we're just not sleeping at the same times?
JADE: i dont think thats it
JADE: for one thing, considering where we are, i dont think theres such a thing as "the same time" for us
JOHN: heh. that's true.
JOHN: do you think the afterlife is just fucking with us, jade?
JADE: maybe...
JADE: but its probably more like the way it used to be with the clouds in skaia
JADE: they didnt always show you things, but when they did they were selective about what they would let you see
JADE: like they would make sure you saw whatever you needed to see to make sure things would go the right way
JADE: i always thought i knew so much, but in retrospect they gave me only a tiny glimpse of the big picture!
JOHN: that is so infuriating!
JADE: i guess!
JADE: it never felt that way when all i was doing was looking up at some clouds
JADE: i was happy to see whatever was there
JADE: but i guess its different in a situation like this
JADE: when you miss your friends, and you kind of wish the dream bubbles would play along
JOHN: yeah.
JOHN: oh well.
JOHN: i guess it's only two more years.

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